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They split the 2010 season's series with three wins each.

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Q: What is the phillies vs giants regular season record?
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What was the 2010 season record for phillies vs giants?

The Phillies and the Giants played six times during the 2010 regular season and split the series 3-3.

What was the record for the Giants in 2007?

Regular season record was 10-6

What is the New York Giants' 2007 season record?

10-6 regular season, 14-6 overall

With what regular season record did the Giants finish their 1986 Super Bowl season?


What record did the Giants finish their 1986 season?

The 1986 Giants wound up the regular season with a 14-2 record and went on to win Super Bowl XXI to finish the season with an overall record of 17-2.

Giants 07-08 season record was?

10-6 in the regular season and 14-6 overall.

What is tom brady's regular season record vs ny giants?


What was the patriots record for 2007-2008 season?

16-0 in the regular season. they lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl

Did the New York Giants lose any NFL games in the 2007 season?

Yes. The Giants 2007 regular season record was 10-6 and their overall record, including playoffs, was 14-6.

What was the record between the Dodgers and the Giants during the 2012 regular season?

During the 2012 regular season, the San Francisco Giants won 10 of the 18 games they played against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

What is the record in dodgers vs giants in 2010?

During the 2010 regular season, the Giants and the Dodgers played 18 games, and the Giants won 10 times.

What is Tony Romo record against giants?

4-5 in the regular season. 0-1 in the postseason.