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In football, or soccer, the goalie guards the net.

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Q: What is the person that guards the net called in soccer?
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What is the person called in soccer that guards the net?

In football, or soccer, the goalie guards the net.

What is the person call that guards the net in soccer?

In football, or soccer, the goalie guards the net.

Who the person who guards the soccer net called?

The player is the goalkeeper (often shortened to goalie).

Who guards the net?

The goalie guards the net in soccer

What are the soccer items?

cleats shin guards long socks soccer ball jersey goal net soccer field

Who gards the net in soccer?

The goalie *guards* the net during a soccer match. This is the only player on the team that can use his hands to touch/block the ball while the match is in play.

Who is the person who gads the net in soccer?

The goalkeeper.

What shapes are on a soccer ball net?

There are squares on a soccer ball net

What equipment do you need for soccer?

A ball, shoes, protection for your legs and proper clothes. Im sure you can find this out by going to your local sports store. shin guards,jersey, shorts, cleats, and of course a soccer ball!:)A net and a soccor ball

What is soccer net?

The net at the end of the goal.

How long is a soccer net?

the height of a usual soccer net is about 8 feet tall

What is goal in soccer?

It is when you kick the soccer ball in the net.