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It is true that many people call this person the "anchor", yet it is also true that many call that person the "caboose".

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Q: What is the person at the end of the rope in tug-o-war called?
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What is A piece of rope with a slipknot at the end called?

a noose

What is the man at the end of a tug of war rope called?


What name is given to the person at the end of the rope in a tug-of-war?


Metal spike with a hole at the end througe which you pass a rope are called?

a needle

Brain teaser HER ROPE SHE?

That isn't a brain teaser

In a rebus puzzle what does her rope she mean?

"She is at the end of her rope"

How do you hang someone?

The way to hang a person is with a rope. You take a rope and noose it at one end and secure the other end and then put the person that is about to hang above a removable object or a trap door. Then you tie the rope around the persons neck and hang the rope so that it passes by your right ear. You then pull the trapdoor or quickly remove the object that supports the person being hanged. Make sure that the person drops at least three feet and walla you hung your first person and are on to a fine career of death and destruction.

When did Not Enough Rope end?

Not Enough Rope ended in 2001.

What are the release dates for End of the Rope - 1923?

End of the Rope - 1923 was released on: USA: October 1923

What is the origin of the expression found himself at the end of his rope?

"Found himself at the end of his rope" meaning a person has come to the end of a struggle or situation of some sort comes from the practice a hanging a condemned man. When the noose is around the man's neck and he drops through the trap door he soon finds himself at the end of his rope when his fall comes to an abrupt end. --I had actually heard that it came from the practice of tethering animals, and is interchangable with the phrase 'end of one's tether'. Much like a dog that tries to run across the yard only to get jerked short when the leash or chain reaches no further, a person at the end of their rope will be out of anywhere to go.

What are the release dates for At the End of His Rope - 1916?

At the End of His Rope - 1916 was released on: USA: 17 February 1916

When did Enough Rope end?

Enough Rope ended on 2008-12-08.

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