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82 percent of American people are sports fans

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According to a 2004 content analysis of sports broadcasts on network television, what percentage was devoted to male sports events

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about 600,000% :0

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Q: What is the percentage of sports fans?
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Midwest Sports Fans was created in 2008.

What sports team has the most fans?

Manchester united - 330 million fans worldwide

Why do sports attract so many fans?

because the people who don't have anything else to do watch tv and they find sports so they become fans

How many women are sports fans?

Quite a few.

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Reasons why sports fans tend to stay health?

Sport fans stay healthy because why try to be like the player. This is why they call them fans.

In percentage how popular are the Chicago Blackhawks?

The percentage grew since they won the Cup last year, so 90% of Chicago like the Hawks, and yes this includes the Band Wagon fans. Lol, but fans are fans.

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Pittsburgh Steelers

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Hockey and Darts

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the s are goof