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Q: What is the percentage of football being shown on sky sports?
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Which sports are shown on the Setanta network besides soccer?

Setanta offers a variet of sports to its subscibers. Gaelic football, Australian rules football, hurling, cricket, golf, boxing and ice hockey are all regularly shown.

What is the percentage of people who like football?

500% out of 500% says a basketball crazy person 0% out of 500% says a person who hates basketball. You see it is difficult to be certain as there as lots of opinions out there.

What is 0.36 shown as a percentage?


When did cigarette ads stopped being shown in sports avents?

The adds by cigarette companyhave been banned as it causes cancer and to warn the public.

What does a red football card mean?

A red card is shown to a player to indicate they are being sent-off. A sent-off player may not be substituted for.

What card is shown for a booking in football?

A yellow card is shown for a booking and a red for a sending off.

What can you do get shown on a jumbo screen at a football game?


Where can I find a schedule of Rugby Union matches that are to be shown on Sky Sports?

A schedule of Rugby Union matches that are to be shown on Sky Sports can be found on the official Sky Sports website. One can also view the schedule on the WherestheMatch website.

What percentage of the birds shown in the pie chart are not blue?

100%, since there are no blue birds shown in the pie chart - which, itself, is not shown.

What channel will No Way Out 2008 be shown on in the UK?

Sky Sports

Is television evil?

Television is simply an invention used to view whatever is being broadcast; (e.g. reality shows, cartoons, sports, etc.) However, to some, it is viewed as evil because of the violence, sexual explicitness, gore, and vulgarity shown though that is far from being all that is shown on television.

Will wwe TLC 2011 be shown on sky sports or sky sports box office?

Sky box office.