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41.7 percent

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Q: What is the percentage of female hockey players?
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What has the author Nicola Julie Evans written?

Nicola Julie Evans has written: 'Body composition of female college hockey players' -- subject(s): Hockey players, Female -- college students -- body composition, FEMALE hockey players -- College students -- Body composition, BODY composition -- Female hockey players -- College students

What percentage of pro hockey players become blind due to hockey accidents?


What is the percentage of NHL hockey players born in Canada. History and 2010?

Currently, 53.2 % of active NHL players are Canadian.

What percentage of minor hockey players play in the NHL?

1 of 5,000 players will make it more than 5 years at the NHL level.

What percentage of NHL hockey players are born in Canada?

In the 2005-6 season 53% were born in Canada.

How many people play field hockey in New Zealand?

Hockey New Zealand, the national body administering field hockey in the country, recorded 45,581 registered players in the 2011 winter season - from primary school players up to the Black Sticks national teams. This is a little over one percent of the New Zealand total population. 52.7 percent of hockey players in New Zealand are female.

What is a puck bunny?

A female ice hockey fan who is interested in meeting the players, rather than the game itself.

Do all field hockey players wear bodysuits under their skirts?

Not all field hockey players wear skirts, to begin with. Very few female players wear bodysuits either. There are plenty of better solutions than a one-piece item which does not do everything it is needed for.

How many female NHL players where there ever?

there has never been a female nhl players. There has been I believe on two occasions a female goalie invited to camp, perhaps played in preseason...but both times alot of goals were allowed and from what I understand never a real interest in signing either of them to contracts.

When was Professional Hockey Players' Association created?

Professional Hockey Players' Association was created in 1967.

What do you call a hockey players stick?

(Hockey) stick.

What are hockey pants called by hockey players?

Pants. Im a hockey player.