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Q: What is the percentage of deaths due to skydiving annually?
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How many deaths in Texas are due to drowning per year?

around 3,050 deaths occur from drowning in Texas annually.

How many deaths in the US due to seasonal influenza annually?

Approximately 36,000

How many deaths are due to cancer?

In the United States, more than 560,000 annually.

What causes an estimated 3000 deaths annually?

1.Passive smoking' causes cancer, 3,000 deaths/year, EPA declares. 2. 3000 deaths a year due to breast cancer and 9300 new cases a year.

How many deaths do inactivity and unhealthy diets cause annually?

It would be impossible to say how many deaths due to inactivitu and unhealthy diets occur annually. This is mainly due to diseases that people die from not being listed as inactivity or diet, but diseases that are either caused from or are made worse by one and/or the other. For example, it is known that diet and exercise is very important in preventing or treating diabetes, yet the cause of death would be listed as diabetes. The same is true for other diseases, like heart attacks.

What animal is responsible for the most human deaths world wide?

Most people think the answer to this question is a large vicious type of animal, but in actuality it is the miniscule mosquito. According to the World Health Organization, the lowly mosquito is responsible for over one million deaths annually worldwide . The majority of these deaths are due to malaria, with 300,000-500,000 cases occuring each year.

What kind of injuries can you get for indoor skydiving?

After some research I learned that there has been one fatality due to indoor skydiving. You may also be at risk of broken bones and bruises. Depends on how you may fall.

How many deaths on MT Everest in 1982?

During the year 1982 there were 11 deaths on Mount Everest. Four were due to falling, Three due to an avalanche, Two due to disapearance, One due to illness and One due to icefall collapse. There are not usually this many deaths in one year.

What caused the deaths of Hurricane Katrina?

Most of the deaths from Hurricane Katrina were drownings due to the hurricane's storm surge. Some deaths may have been due to wind damage such as falling trees.

What is the amounts of deaths associated with nutrition?

There are no recorded deaths due to nutrition. Malnutrition however has a lot.

What country has the largest deaths due to H1N1?

what country has had the most deaths from swine flu h1n1?

How many deaths are due to muck fires?

well, to my calculation there are about 2 deaths a second so that would be like 120 deaths a minute.

Will your breast implants fall out when skydiving?

yes, however they do not fall out. Due to pressure, the implants cause youre breasts to explode

How many people have died due to mosquito bites?

No people have ever died because the mosquito took blood. Millions die each year due to diseases carried by mosquitoes. Malaria is a leading cause of premature mortality, particularly in children under the age of five, with around 2 million deaths annually

How many workers are injuired annually in Canada due to falls?


How many deaths due to pen caps?


How many deaths are due to tobacco?

400,000 Americans

How many deaths per year due to zip lining?


How many deaths due to guns occur each day in the US?

The FBI Uniform Crime Report can show you deaths due to violations of law

How many teens are hospitalized annually due to alcohol?

harry adlam is wierd

What states haves the most deaths from marijuana?

There have been 0 deaths due to marijuana in over 2,700 years anywhere in the world.

How much annually does the US pay due to obesity?

Best estimate is about 100 billion dollars per year. It also costs us about 300,000 lives annually.

How many wrongful deaths were due to the death penalty?


How many deaths are there per year due cycling?


What were the deaths in 2005 due to smoking?

approximently 440000 a year