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Q: What is the percentage of college football players going to the nfl?
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How many players play professional footall but never went to college?

how many players played in professional football with out going to college

Will you be a pro softball player someday?

The percentage of college players going on to play pro softball is .002%.

What does it mean when college football players put up an X when going into the end zone?

It's a gang sign. And some players are ignorantly immulating others.

Did there used to be a football game between pros and college players?

Yes. At one time there was a football game called, "The Pros vs The All Stars." It featured the best professional football team against the best college players graduating and going into the pros. The Pros usually won but sometimes the All Stars won. One year there was a strike and the game was cancelled. It never resumed.

What does holding hand in air after 3rd quarter of college football game mean?

the players are holding up 4 fingers to signify that they are going to win the "4th" quarter

What is the percentage of college athletes going pro?


Can a college football player go pro after college without going into the draft?

they can walk on

Who is going to win the national championship in college football?


Where do football players shirts go after the match?

They were going to the shirt room to cleaning it

What is going on in Indus college of engineering coimbatore?

karaikudi councling indus college cutoff percentage

Can you become a pro football player without going to college?

if im really good at football can i become a pro football player

What are the mats with the numbers 1 - 10 used for on the sideline in college football?

Special teams players. Each player stands on their number before going in. Eliminates the chance of having too many or wrong players on the field or having to burn a timeout to get it right.

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