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Q: What is the percent of people who like the lakers more than the clippers?
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Sports in us?

sports in the U.S are very commin,lots of people in the U.S like sports we even have our own teams like the lakers and the clippers

How come the lakers and the clipres can play at the same home court the whole season?

The LA Lakers and the LA Clippers both play at the Staples Centre. They are able to do this because the floors that the Clippers and Lakers play on is a removable and moveable floor that disassembles just like blocks of lego. Therefore when there is a Lakers game and the Clippers floor is out, then the staff at the Staples Center just switch them out and now its the Lakers home court.

What are the reasons for different team names like why are the Los Angeles Clippers called clippers and why are the lakers the lakers?

because they are all unique. if everybody was named sara (for girls) and josh (for boys) it would get confusing

Do clipper fans exist?

No.some may like them but LA has the lakers. people have no reason to like clippers. but the celtics will dominate all anyway so it dont matter. ;)

Does Jaden Smith like lakers?

yes he does like lakers

What are clippers use for?

Clippers are used for cutting things like hair or bushes.

What is the NBA basketball team that most people like?

It is probably the Los Angeles Lakers

How many people in Los Angeles like the lakers?

2,000 More every day

What is the percent people like fruit flavored candies?

what percent of people like fruit flavored candy

Why do people like the lakers?

because, statistically speaking, the Lakers win a lot of games which makes it easier for neutral basketball fans to like them. A gross amount of the nations population will root for a team just because they win a lot.

Does Justin Bieber like the celtics?

NO he likes the Lakers! Woo-Hoo GO LAKERS!!

Does souljaboy like the lakers?