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85% play sport

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Q: What is the percent of Australian teenagers play sport?
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Related questions

How many teenagers play a sport?

93% of teenagers play sports or HAVE played a sport

What percent of American teenagers play sports?

85% of teenagers play sports

What sport should teenagers play?

It really depends on you personality and what your interested in.

What sports do tanzanians play?

Any Australian sport

What sports did Australian Aborigines play?

One sport was rugby.

What sport does Matthew Pavlich play?

Australian rules football

What sport do austrailians do?

Australian's play futbull, lacross and soccer!

How many teenagers play football?

Many 100,000's play the big Australian game - even overseas from Australia.

What percent of American's play sports regularly?

85% of teenagers play sports.

What sport do australian olympics people play?

They play regular games like soccer and baseball.

When do they play sport in Australian schools?

in first standard? i think so.

What sport does Ken Warby play?

Ken Warby is an Australian motorboat racer.

What percentage of teenagers play video games?

As of June 2014, there is an mind blowing 91 percent of teenagers that play video games. The teens play on the game consoles PS3, PS4, DS, Xbox, Xbox One, etc.

How many Australian children play sport?

Well it counts if they like to play sports.Even if the people that have PE (which everyone should have at school) they have to do it no matter what.Except if they have something that is about them that they can't do that sport.

What sort of sport do the Australian women play for the federation cup?

tennis and track and field.

Which sport do most Australian men play?

Obviously Cricket... \ It was also their national game.

What sport do they play australia?

Australian Rules Football (AFL), football, rugby, cricket

What percent of students play sports?

74% of students play sports

What was the Australian institute of sport created for?

To help and improve the skills of our best athlets and sports players in the country to help them progress in the sport they play in

Why is it important for teenagers to play sport?

So they don't get fat...simple as...and also it will help them when they're older to not get fat

What is the percent of college athletes that go on and play a professional sport?


What percent of Canadians play some sort of sport?


What percent of kids play on a sports team?

73.6% play some sort of sport from debate-football

What sport does Mark Jamar play professionally?

Mark Jamar is a professional Australian rules football player.

What sport does Cameron Ling play?

australian football league (afl) he plays for geelong football club