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The per diem for Major League Baseball players as of 2009 is $89.50 a day. In the minor league, it's only $20 a day.

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Q: What is the per diem for Major League Baseball players?
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What is the Major League Baseball's per diem?

$524 plus q-tips

What part of the expenses of a major league baseball road trip are paid by the team?

All of it. Hotel, travel, everything. Players get $85 per diem a day. Certainly that would pay for their daily bread.

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NBA D-League players make between $12,000-$30,000 per season plus room and some board. While on the road they receive a whopping $30 per day per diem.

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NBA D-League players make between $12,000-$30,000 per season plus room and some board. While on the road they receive a whopping $30 per day per diem.

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