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the pay scale of a soccer player can be anything from 25000$ to 300,000$, depending on the type of player! the better you are the higher is the pay scale!

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They can vary. In the English Premier League, the wages can be anything from £20,000 to £200,000 per week, which is £1million to £10million per year.

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Q: What is the pay scales for professional soccer player?
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How do you become a pro womens soccer player?

To become a professional soccer player, you have to be hired by a team willing to pay you a salary.

Where does professional soccer rank in pay?

Well, usually it depends on who the soccer player is and how he or she contributes to the team. usually salaries for a normal MLS player is 50,000 dollars, but someone like david beckham who gets 250 million dollars a year is a great contributer.

What is the average salary for a Swedish Allsvenskan soccer player?

The salary for a soccer player can vary. Depending on if the player is professional or not. It also depends on the position being played and how well they are playing. Different companies will pay more for a player if they really want them on their team.

How much tax does a Soccer player have to pay?

It is dependent on how much he earns

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Who is the highest pay soccer player?

currently christiano ronaldo is the highest payed player, it use to be zinedine zidane

What types of jobs pay 35000 a year?

Professional soccer players and garbage collectors make that kind of money in the US.

What is the average salary for a professional girl soccer player?

you would give her a salmon , 3 pet cats , a small turkey, a dog called Sophie , a smelly sister called Bayley . if she is playing for an international team , she would get play $12 worth of meat and a sack of llamas TROLOLOLOL

Which soccer player receive the highest pay per week?

I think Cristiano Ronaldo receives the highest pay per week.

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How much do they pay a soccer player?

The salary of a soccer player depends upon a number of factors just as in other sports. They could be paid more depending on the club that they play for, their skill, and how much experience they have.

Pay for footbal vs pay for rugby?

football (soccer) at the premier levels a player will earn 100,000 plus per game plus bonus a rugby player 50k or less