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Q: What is the pay rate of football players in the indoor football league?
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Are rib pads a requirement for football players?

No, they are optional, they just decrease the injury rate.

What is the injury rate in the Football League?

100% every player plays hurt.

Does the government in Spain takes a share when football players win in an international competition?

Yes. There is a national tax rate of 3%

What is the function of a football?

The football is used to play a sport called football. You can catch,kick,hold, and pass also.

Which sport have a higher injury rate- football or cheer?


What sport can you get injured the most?

The sport that I think there are most injured is soccer, it is a sport of interaction between most of the members of each team and with a lot of strength, since it is when you run you arrive with flight and a lot of strength.

What is your pulse rate when you are playing football?

Your pulse rate is faster

How many football players get concussion playing for their school?

Studies show that approximately one in five players suffer concussion or more serious brain injury during their brief high-school careers. The rate at the collegiate level is approximately one in 20.

Which sport has a higher injury rate - football or baseball?

definetly football

Which sports have the highest rate of abuse?


Which football teams only play players from that country?

Basically, most football teams, large or small, only play players from one individual country, but the best-known club for doing this, in Europe at any rate, is Spanish side Athletic Bilbao, based in the Basque Region (Euskara) in Spain's north-east. Athletic have long been regarded, and celebrated as, the unofficial national side of the Basque nation and have a policy of utilising only Basque-born players in their squad.

Who has better graduation rates the Big 10 or SEC?

Big Ten Football has a 67% graduation rate and SEC Football has a 60% graduation rate. As of 2008.