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Q: What is the pats winning percentage since 2000?
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When was the last time the Jets beat the Patriots?

The Jets beat the Patriots on September 20th, 2009 by a score of 16 - 9. They hadn't beaten the Pats since the year 2000

What are the chances of the pats winning the Super Bowl also what are the Philadelphia Eagles chances of winning?

There is no chance that they'll not win the Superbowl! ... If you think the pats will win the Superbowl, you should NOT bet on them and the Philadelphia Eagles are fourth in their division so at this rate they don't even show much chance of making to playoffs, well at least that's what I heard

When did the Detroit Lions last win a thanksgiving classic?

2000 vs pats

Who has the winningest record in the NFL?

Depending on specificity of the question (ie. overall record or winning percentage) the answer will vary. Overall wins would be the Bears (712), winning percentage all-time is the Bears as well .575. The Bears hold combined regular & post-season wins, and the Bears and Cowboys share combined winning percentage (.575). Single regular season is Patriots at 16-0 followed by the undefeated Dolphins team of '73 at 14-0 (obviously both 100% but Pats with two more wins). Complete season (including playoffs) is the Patriots at 18-1 followed by the '73 Dolphins with a record of 17-0.

What NFL team has the most wins since 2000?

as of November 16, 2009 the patriots have 108 wins since 2000. the COLTS have 110! The colts have the most regular season wins as of 12/29/09 with 115 vs (112 for the pats) but the Patriots have the most total playoff and regular season wins of 126 (vs 122 for the colts)

Who will win today jets or pats?


Who manufactures the love-Pats brand of women's underwear?

Love Pats are made by Delta Galil USA, Inc. The website for this co. would not load properly on my pc, and I tried four different browsers, including IE v.7. Love Pats has their own website, but it looks very suspect: minimal, amateurish. I am going to give the phone number listed on the website a ring during the week, and see if I can find out where Love Pats are sold retail, in brick-and-mortar stores, since I am not interested in doing any on-line transactions thru the Love Pats website.

Did the Patriots get enough for Mike Vrabel and Matt Cassel?

Yes, since no other concrete offers were made to the Pats for those players/

Did the 2003 Ford Taurus come with Pats?

Yes it does come with Pats. I am having issues with pats right now. My car will not start.

What is the percentage of kicks made by NFL kickers?

it is usally very high from 80% up...For seasons 2004-2008:1) 2008 - 1000 field goals were attempted and 845 were successful for an average of 84.5%. 1176 PATs were atttempted and 1170 were successful for an average of 99.5%.2) 2007 - 960 field goals were attempted and 795 were successful for an average of 82.8%. 1178 PATs were atttempted and 1165 were successful for an average of 98.9%.3) 2006 - 942 field goals were attempted and 767 were successful for an average of 81.4%. 1135 PATs were atttempted and 1124 were successful for an average of 99.0%.4) 2005 - 967 field goals were attempted and 783 were successful for an average of 81.0%. 1114 PATs were atttempted and 1099 were successful for an average of 98.7%.5) 2004 - 870 field goals were attempted and 703 were successful for an average of 80.8%. 1189 PATs were atttempted and 1179 were successful for an average of 99.2%.Totals for the seasons 2004-2008:Field goals attempted - 4739Field goals successful - 3893Field goal success percentage - 82.15PATs attempted - 5792PATs successful - 5737PAT success percentage - 99.05

When was Regina Pats created?

Regina Pats was created in 1917.

When did Pats Acholonu die?

Pats Acholonu died in 2006.

When was Pats Acholonu born?

Pats Acholonu was born in 1936.

What is the nickname of the New England Patriots?

The Pats.

Does pats tack have show pads?

try going to the website for "pats tack"

How do you disable your securilock anti-theft system on 98 explorer?

look for the PATS (passive anti theft system) fuse, if its a shared circuit find the pats modules and take the + wire and cut and cap it Where is the PATS Module located? Again my question is where the PATS module located on vehicle

What stores in KS carry love pats underpants?

Google 'love pats underpants'.

Where is the Location of the pats module in a 1998 mustang?

pats module 1997 mustang location?

What is the Miami Dolphins Monday Night Football record since Monday Night Football first aired?

the Dolphins are 21 and 21 have appeared more than any other team (42 games) since their first appearance against the Pitssburg Steelers on Dec 3 - 1973 (Dolphins won 30-26) 2011 Sept 12 game against the Pats will be the Dolphins 43rd appearance and their 12th against the Pats. The Dolphins lead the MNF Pats series 6 to 5.

How many pats in a tablespoon of butter?

2-4 pats, depending on the finesse of the pat maker.

Did Fred Taylor win a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots?

Fred Taylor didn't play on any of the Patriots' Super Bowl winning teams. He played with the Pats during the 2009 and 2010 seasons and before that Taylor played with the Jaguars

Did the pats trade Julian edelman?

Not exactly yet, the pats just signed a couple of receivers but Julian Edelman has made great plays in his pats career and has done well with the punt returning dudes. But I think the pats sign him a 2 year deal and just not play him that all much but gets some playing time.

Does a 2005 Ford Taurus have a PATS key?

YES,YES, I am looking for a spare and it cost about $100 ,because of the pats

Why most cooking pats made in metal?

Cooking pats are made of metal as metal i a good conductor of heat .

Are PATs hard?

hell yes im in grade 7 and i almost failed my pats so i strongly suggest studying hard