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Q: What is the password in motorush game in for monster truck?
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Can you get a monster truck in driver parallel lines?

I tried using a HEAVYDUTY password, but it wouldn't take all the letters, not for sure if there's a monster truck or not.

How do you get a monster truck?

come to kawakawa repairs and tell the man there this password...(monster maker) hope you get one!!!

What was the first monster truck to join monster jam?

monster trucks were invented in late 1970's by bob chandler and his monster truck Bigfoot were the first ones to use a monster truck

Is thunderbolt a monster truck name?

No it is not a monster truck name

What is the monster truck used for?

Mostly monster truck shows.

Does monster truck monster truck still drives?


How much does a monster truck weigh?

A normal monster truck is about 12,000 pounds. It has to be at least 9,000 pounds to be considered a monster truck. If it's below that it's considered a truck.

Where could one purchase monster truck toys?

There are many places where one can purchase monster truck toys. Monster truck toys can be purchased from Amazon and eBay. Monster truck toys can also be purchased from Toys"R"Us.

What is the worlds famous monster truck?

Big Foot was the first famous monster truck. Today, the world's most famous monster truck is Grave Digger.

Where can monster truck videos be viewed?

There are many videos featuring monster trucks posted on YouTube. Monster truck videos can also be viewed on the website All Monster, which features not only videos but monster truck news and events.

What do you do on my motor island?

in my motor island play games to earn money and upgrade ur car or monster truck and do missions my name is Justin and my username is justin3553 in my motor island but i cant tell u the password later peepz i gotta go and show of my monster truck

When did Monster Truck Madness happen?

Monster Truck Madness happened in 1996.

Where can a person watch videos of monster truck cars?

Videos of monster truck cars can be seen on Youtube. There is also a movie called "Monster Man", which is about a people who are chased by a man who drives a monster truck.

How do you exterminate a monster buck?

Are you sure? A "monster truck?" Man, there is no way to kill a monster truck in real life. Anyone can edit this answer if they think there is a way to actually kill a monster truck.

What does the Grave Digger monster truck look like?

The Grave Digger monster truck is a giant truck that has a green and black colored cab. It is one of the most famous trucks on the monster truck circuit.

What is the password for euro truck simulator 2?

password Euro Truck Simulator 2

Stan bought a monster truck for 2000 down and payments of 450 a month for 5 years What is the total cost of the monster truck?

Stan bought a monster truck for $2,000 down and payments of $450 a month for 5 years. What is the total cost of the monster truck?

How big is a monster truck tire?

A monster truck tire is 66 inches tall.

How big are monster truck tires?

Standard monster truck tires are 66" in height.

How big is the biggest monster truck?

The biggest monster truck in the world is the bigfoot 5

How tall is the biggest monster truck?

The biggest monster truck is 15 feet tall.

How many monster truck awards has the monster truck grave digger won?


What is the circumference of a monster truck?

You cannot find the circumference of a monster truck because it is not a circle.

How much do monster truck drivers cost to build a monster truck?

Around $200,000

What is the password of euro truck simulator 2?

I need a password of euro truck simulator 2 iso file