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the "end" cap

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Q: What is the part at the end of a racquet that caps off the grip handle?
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What are the parts of a racket?

There are three parts of a tennis racquet. The part that you hold is the "grip". Above the grip is the "neck". Someone who holds their tennis racket by the neck is said to be "choking" their racquet; this is not the correct way to play. The part that you hit the ball with (and the largest part of the racquet) is called the "head". The part makes up the head is the "rim". As for a badminton racquet, I would assume that it's very similar.

What is an overgrip?

An "overgrip" is any kind of material that wraps around the grip of a tennis racquet (n.b., it is used on baseball bats, hockey sticks, and other sports-related equipment as well). The primary reason to use an overgrip (usually an after-market item) is to protect the grip (i.e., the original part of the racquet, et al.) from wear-and-tear, and, secondarily, to make it easier for the player to hold onto.

What is the correct grip used in badminton?

There are a few different grips you use in tennis. The different grips include: the Continental Grip, Eastern Grip, Western Grip, Semi-Western Grip, and two-handed backhand grip. Let's start with the Continental Grip. You would use this grip when you are at the net hitting volleys and overheads. You will also use it when serving. You hold the racquet like a hammer with the "V" of your thumb and index finger on the narrower edge of the racquet grip. You'll want to use the Eastern Grip when you wish to hit ground storkes that are flat or have topspin. Hold the racquet with the "V" slightly off to the right. You'll want to use the Western Grip when you want to use extreme topspin. This grip is a preferred grip of clay court players because topspin rules on clay. The "V" extremely far off to the right. You'll want to use the Semi-Western Grip when you want to add power and you are a baseliner. You can either hit topsin or flat with this grip. The "V" is between that of the Eastern Grip and the Western Grip. It is recommended to have a Tennis professional demonstrate the different grips for you, so that you are doing them properly.

What part of the tennis racquet makes contact WITH the tennis ball?

When you hit a tennis ball with a tennis racquet, you want the ball to contact the sweet spot of strings.

What part of speech is the word grip?

The word "grip" can function as both a noun and a verb. As a noun, it refers to a firm hold or grasp on something. As a verb, it means to firmly hold onto something.

What part of a firearm serves as the handle?

Your question is not quite clear. A rifle or shotgun is held by the stock (part that goes against shoulder) and the forearm (part held by the NON-trigger hand) A handgun is held by the grip, which is covered by the grips (properly called stocks).

What is a nice quality tennis racket to buy?

All tennis racquets are unique and each person might need a different racquet based on age, gender, skill level, and style of play. There are different head sizes in tennis racquets. If you are less skilled and are wanting a racquet that will be easier to hit with but not necessarily give you as much power, you should go with an oversize head. You can purchase a racquet with a smaller head after gaining control and experience or if you just want more power. The weight of a racquet is important, too. Women tend to use lighter weight racquets because it causes less stress on the arm. Also, a heavier racquet will give you more power but a lighter will give you more control (arguably). Something else to consider is the distribution of weight on the racquet. For the most part, this is purely personal preferance. You can decide whether you like the weight in the grip, the middle, or the head of a racquet simply by testing out different racquets. There are also different grip sizes but this depends some on personal preferance and mostly on the size of you hand.

What does the number on a tennis ball mean?

The number on the grip end of a tennis racquet indicates the numerator part of the fractional width of the grip in eighths of an inch. The most common number used is '3', meaning that the grip is 3/8" wide. Other common numbers are '4' for 4/8" wide, and '5' for 5/8" wide. Even though the other sizes (i.e., 1, 2, 6, 7, 8), it is very rare to see them sold in retail stores, as they are "odd" fits, and are, usually, a special-order item, although tennis pro shops and specialty stores can adjust the grip size of virtually any racquet for a modest fee. It should be noted that a few tennis racquet manufacturers use "S", "M", or "L", denoting "small", "medium", and "large", respectively, which might confuse those used to the aforementioned numeric system, but it makes it easier for the manufacturer to sell that product worldwide, especially in places that don't use the American/Imperial system of measurement. Also, in very rare cases, the manufacturer may print the letter or number in a different location (usually on the "throat" (i.e., middle) of the racquet) and/or only on the meant-to-be-disposed-after-purchase grip wrapper which comes with some new racquets. In both cases, the manufacturer believes that makes it is easier for the buyer to see the grip size.

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Well, I guess that depends on what side of the bat is up when you call it the top. Starting at the fat end of the bat, that is just called the Tip. Then the rest of the fat part of the bat is called the Barrel. Then it tapers down to the Handle. Around the handle is the Grip. Then at the very end, the part that stops your hands from sliding off of the bat is called the Knob.

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