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Do you mean which area has the biggest field, or the most fields in the area.

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Q: What is the paintball capital of the world?
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How many types of paintball guns are there?

there are 7952 paintball guns in the world

Is paintball in Pune at fun addaa?

paintball in pune is at fun addaa and its one of the best paintball zones in the world, and its also india's first indoor paintball arena.

Does odyssey fun world have paintball?

No it does not

Where might someone find paintball guns for sale?

Paintball guns can be found for sale at Paintballs Shop, ANS Gear, Discount Paintball, Action Village, eBay, Total Paintball Gear and Sak World Paintball.

What is the most extreme sport in the world?


What country is the best in paintball?

America has the most paintball teams, as well as the most world cup wins

How many paintball teams are there?

there are more the 45 Paintball teams in the world, recently the most hyped paintball team in India is Odyssey Wonders, they are being sponsored by Fun Addaa, which is India's first indoor paintball Arena

How many paintball players are there in the world?

over 5

What is the fastest paintball gun in the world?

ego, or geo

Where is the best place to play paintball in Florida?

It depends on your style of paintball. Scenario/woodsball : Waynes world in Ocala, Hi-Tech Paintball in Tampa/Bradenton, or Hurricane Paintball in Palmbay cover most of central Florida Speedball : Central Florida Paintball in Lakeland, Combat Zone in Merrit Island, or Epic Paintball in Orlando

Is paintball the biggest sport in the world?

It is the third biggest extreme sport in the world.

What are the release dates for Smart Parts World Paintball Championships - 2006?

Smart Parts World Paintball Championships - 2006 was released on: USA: 5 November 2006

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