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A 4 minute 50 second mile is a pace of 12.41 miles per hour.

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Q: What is the pace if you are running a 450 mile?
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Is running 6 mile in an hr a good time and pace?

Depends on your age. I'm 12 and run a 9mph pace.

How is running pace measured?

mph or minutes per mile

How many calories burned running a mile at a 4-5 MPH pace?

It depends on the pacing. I am 172 lbs and running on a level surface I burn 100 calories for a mile and at 10% inclined surface I burn 200 calories for a mile. This is at 4-5 MPH pace.

How fast is a 4 minute mile?

4 minutes It is running at a 15 mile per hour pace

What percent of mile is 450 feet?

A mile is 5,280 feet, so 450 feet is 8.52% of a mile. (450/5280)/100 = 8.52%)

Who can tell me what the race pace calculator function?

The race pace calculator will calculate your running pace per mile or kilometer. There are many free race pace calculators online available. There is no need in buying an actual calculator for this purpose.

What is the secret to running a mile?

The secret of running the mile is to run it so fast that although you run as hard and as quickly as you can at the end, it is only as fast as the rest of the race, yet slow enough that the pace is actually held.

What pace per mile is 5.1km in 40 minutes?

The pace is 12.62 minutes per mile.

If you run 4.9 miles in 40 minutes and 23 seconds what pace are you running at per mile?

If you run 4.9 miles in 40 minutes and 23 seconds, your pace is 7.28 mph or 8.24 minutes per mile.

What is the 10 minute mile pace for 12k race?

A 10-minute mile pace equates to a pace of 74.56 minutes per 12k

How do you run the mile faster?

run at the same pace the whole way dont walk then sprint listen to a song when you are running

What is the running pace of 3 miles in 25.5 minutes?

About 7.06 miles per hour. This equates to an 8.5-minute mile.

What is the scouts pace for a mile?

12 minute mile

What was my mile pace if i ran 4.3 miles in 28 minutes 12 seconds?

Your mile pace was 6.56 minutes.

How do you pace yourself for a tempo run?

To pace yourself for a tempo run, you need to gradually increase your speed and distance. You should start running 1/2 a mile within 12 minutes. From there, run 3/4 of a mile in 11 minutes, and so on.

How long to run 2.5 miles if running a 10 minute mile?

assuming you can keep the pace 10*2.5=25 minutes

450 feet is how many miles?

450 feet = 450 / 5280 of a mile. You do the math !

How much calories do you burn running fast in one mile?

you actually will burn more calories running at a slower pace then fast but anywhere from 100 250 depending on weight

13K in 88 minutes and 10 seconds what's the pace per mile?

The pace is 10.91 minutes per mile.

What pace per mile to finish half marathon in 1hour 35minutes?

A pace of no less than 7:15 per mile.

What is the pace per mile of 5 k in 18.17 minutez?

5km in 18.17 minutes is a pace of 5.85 minutes per mile.

What is the treadmill pace for a 13 minute mile?

A 13-minute mile requires a pace of at least 4.62 miles per hour.

Is a 12 minute mile pace for an 8K race good?

no, more like a 6 min. to 5 min. mile pace

What does 1 mile and 450 ft equal in ft?

1 mile 450 feet = 5730 feet

How many calories do you burn if you run a marathon?

The average 6 to 7 minute mile burns just under 100 calories. So a marathon at that pace (marathon = 26.2 miles) would burn about 2,600 calories. Running faster mile times would burn more calories. Running slower mile times or walking at least part of the marathon would burn less (walking at a decent pace burns 80 calories per mile).