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46-38-2 favoring Georgia. However Florida is 16-3 since 1990.

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Q: What is the overall record in football rivalry between the Florida gators and the Georgia billdogs?
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Why do the Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida Gators play football in Jacksonville Florida?

Because it is halfway between Georgia and Florida.

Who won the most games between Georgia and Florida football?


What states are between Georgia and Florida?

There are no states between Georgia and Florida.

Which state is the best state for football?

Its between Florida,Texas,Pennsylvania,California,Ohio,Georgia

What is the most consecutive wins for Florida vs Georgia in football?

7 between 1990-1996.

Who has most wins between Fla vs Ga IN FOOTBALL.?

The rivalry between the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the Gators of the University of Florida is one of the most heated in college football. As of 2014, Florida has the most wins between the two schools.

How many miles between Florida to Georgia?

500 miles between Florida Georgia?

How many miles are in between Florida and Georgia?

Florida and Georgia share a border. There is no distance between them.

How far is it between Brunswick Georgia and Orlando Florida?

The driving distance between Georgia and Orlando Florida is about 934 miles.

Who has won more games between Georgia and Georgia Tech in football?


How far is Georgia from Florida?

There is only a short distance between Florida and Georgia. The shortest distance between the two states is 416 miles.

What is the all time record between Florida and lsu in football?

What is the all time record between Florida and lsu football

Last football game between uga and Ohio state?

Through the 2008 season, Georgia and Ohio State have met only one time in football, that being the 1993 Florida Citrus Bowl. Georgia won 21-14.

What is the distance between atlanta Georgia Orlando and Florida?

The driving distance from Atlanta, Georgia to Orlando, Florida is 440 miles.

What is the halfway point between Atlanta Georgia and Orlando Florida?

Tifton Georgia

Who has the most wins between Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs historically?


What is the record between Ohio State and UGA in football?

Ohio State and the University of Georgia have played each other only once. That was in the 1993 Florida Citrus Bowl and Georgia won 21-14.

Which state is between Georgia?

Between Georgia and what??? Between Georgia and Florida is well, nothing - they touch each other. Between Georgia and North Carolina is South Carolina. Between Georgia and Mississippi is Alabama.

Where did England clash with Spain in north America?

along the West Indies and along the border between Georgia and Spanish Florida

What city is the halfway point between Albany Georgia and Miami Florida?

Bushnell, Florida is halfway between Albany and Miami

What is the halfway point between Fitzgerald Georgia and Tallahassee Florida?

Georgia Fla dividing line

Is there a time difference between Florida and Georgia?

The time in most of Florida is the same as the time in Georgia (UTC-5/UTC-4), but the Florida panhandle west of the Apalachicola River is one hour behind Georgia and the rest of Florida (UTC-6/UTC-5).

How many miles between Daytona Beach and Georgia?

The distance between Daytona Beach, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia is 440 miles.

What is midpoint between starke fl and blairsville ga?

The halfway point between Starke, Florida and Blairsville, Georgia is in Perry, Georgia.

What state is between Florida and South Carolina?

That State is Georgia

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