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The series record as of the 2012 season-

New England: 56 victories (two playoff)

New York: 53 victories (one playoff)

Ties: 1

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Q: What is the overall record between the patriots and jets?
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What is the all time record between the New York Jets and New England Patriots?

56-53-1 Patriots.

Who has beaten the New England Patriots the most amount of times?

The New York Jets have beaten the Patriots more times than any other team. The Jets have a life time record of 50-48 versus the Patriots. The Miami dolphins are second on the list, with an overall record of 49-37 versus the New England Patriots.

Who have the patriots lost more games to over all?

The Patriots have lost more games against the New York Jets than any other team in the NFL. Overall they are 48-50-1 versus their New York rivals. Second on that list is the Miami Dolphins. The Patriots have an overall regular season record of 37-49 versus the Dolphins.

Who will win the super bowl jets or the patriots?

Patriots - the Jets have fallen into disrepute as a football team.

Who is the better team is the NFL jets or Patriots?

The Patriots are currently better than the Jets by one game

Who is winning the jets and pats rivalry and What is numbers?

The Jets lead the Patriots in regular season wins 50-48-1, while the Patriots have won the two playoff games that have occurred between the two clubs. Entering the 2010 season the Patriots lead the rivalry in points scored with 2,241 points to the Jets' 2,137, for a rough average score of Patriots 21, Jets 20.

Who would win in nfl jets vs patriots?


Who won the game jets or patriots?

As of 2019, the New England Patriots have one 8 straight games against the New York Jets.

Who do the New York Jets play next weekend?

San Diego ChargersThe Jets will play the San Diego Chargers since the New England Patriots lost to the Baltimore Ravens. If the Patriots had won the Jets would have played the Colts since the Colts are the #1 seed. The Jets had a better record than the Ravens and therefore the Ravens have to play the #1 seed.

What is the win loss record of the patriots 2012?

The win loss record is 7-3 it is November 22 and it looks like its going be 8-3 after the game against the Jets tonight. Half time score is 35-3 Patriots.

Who won the patriots or the jets?

The patriots won the October 9th game with the score of 51-50. But it would depend on which date you are talking about. The patriots have played the jets on several occasions.

Who won the football game jets or patriots?

patriots won 901 to 3

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