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2008-10-24 17:12:19
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Q: What is the overall record between the Kansas jayhawks and Kansas state wildcats in basketball?
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Number 1 overall seed 2208 and 2009 Basketball Tourney?

The Kansas Jayhawks

How many National Championships does Kansas have overall?

The Kansas Jayhawks have never been selected as a national champion in college football.

What is the overall series record between KU Jayhawks and Wichita State?

Kansas and Wichita State have played seven times. Kansas holds a 5-2 lead in the all-time football series between the two programs.

What is the overall record in basketball rivalry between University of Missouri and university of kansas?

172-95 Kansas leads

What is the University of Kentucky Basketball's overall Winning Percentage?

Their overall winning percentage is .766 or 76%.

How many wins does Ohio state have in basketball?

Overall they have 163

How many wins does Ohio State basketball have?

Overall they have 163

What is the overall record of the Kansas Jayhawks?

The season is over now, and the team finished 37-3 and won the national chapionship. They won the Orange bowl in football and finished 12-1

Is mechanical energy is transferred when a basketball player shoots?

There is a transformation involved between potential and kinetic energy. Mechanical energy is involved in overall process.

In basketball what is considered second to shooting in importance?

Probably basketball sense, IQ if your talking about overall and not about a specific position.

Does basketball increase the growth?

Yes. The lifestyle of a basketball player is healthy; therefore, increases overall growth in the individual.

What college basketball team has the most home wins overall?


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