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To improve the way people live

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Q: What is the overall goal of technology?
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What is the overall goal of techonlogy?

The overall goal of technology is to advance.

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I think that goal-line technology is a great idea! but i think that should be it, because Frank Lampards ghost goal!

What is the overall goal of the Hindu faith?


What was the overall goal of the modernization?

improve the economy

What was sir Edmund Hillary's goal?

I think that his goal was to just overall help people

What is the difference type of technology?

The kind of difference in technology, in my opinion, is the goal behind the invention of this technology.

Why they use IT application for launching products?

There are many IT applications so this is very vague in regards to what your overall goal is and what result you wish to achieve with your product. IT stand for Information Technology so it will only make sense to send information about a product through information technology.

Is Ahimsa the overall goal of Hindu faith?


What is the overall goal of the judicial system?

To interpret laws

What is the overall goal of osmosis and diffusion?

To reach an equilibrium

What is the goal of technology in science?

c to understand