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  • People name Table Tennis balls based on their quality. For example, a "3 Star Ball" is known as the highest quality ball.
  • Table tennis is also known as ping-pong. Sometimes the balls are referred to as ping-pong balls.
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Q: What is the other name of table tennis balls?
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How did table tennis get its name?

Table Tennis Got It's Name From How It's Played. It's Just Like Tennis But The Bats Are Smaller And The Balls Our White, Plastic And Really Small. It Got Table Because It's Played On A Table Wich Looks Like A Mini Tennis Court. So That's How Ir Got It's Name "Table Tennis"

What is a other name for ping pong?

table tennis

What is the other name of table tennis ball?

ping pong

What is the proper name for the table you play table tennis on?

Err a table tennis table

Other name of table tennis?

Ping Pong Ping Pong

With which other name is the game of table tennis is also known as?

ping pong

Can the paddle touch the court in table tennis?

The correct name for a table tennis paddle is a table tennis racket. Yes, it is OK for the racket to touch the table.

What is the difference between pingpong and table tennis?

Ping pong is another name for table tennis. It was called ping pong and table tennis while the sport was still being developed, the name ping pong came from the sound of a rally. Table tennis is the official name of the sport. In chinese, the name for table tennis is ping pang, or 乒乓. The characters look like a table on purpose.

What is second name of table tennis?

In English, table tennis is also called 'ping pong'

Is PING PONG a table tennis?

Yes - ping-pong is an alternative name for table tennis.

What is theFirst name of table tennis excepts for pingpong?

Table tennis has been called ... Whiff Whaff Gossima Ping Pong The official name is table tennis. The name Ping Pong is now a USA trademark.

What are the 4 brand names of tennis balls?

Dunlop, Wilson, Penn, Prince, and Gamma are all name brands of tennis balls.

Who is in the current GB table tennis team?

What is the name of the most local table tennis club in New ham

What tennis ball name is used in the Wimbledon Championship?

Slazenger tennis balls are used at Wimbledon.

What was the name before ping pong?

Table Tennis

What is a another name for table tennis?

ping pong

Name three sports that Longines is closely involved in?

boxing tennis table tennis

What is another name for pingpong?

Another name for pingpong is Table Tennis

What Are The Other Names Of Table Tennis?

Table tennis is the official name since 1926, but previous names used for the sport were Gossima, Whiff-Whaff and Ping Pong, which were all either patented or trademarked.

Is the Chinese name for table tennis ping pong?

Actually not really. We still call it table tennis, if I render from Chinese into English we call it "Table ball"

What is the old name of table tennis?

Firstly, the game table tennis is known as Wiff-Waff and also known as ping-pong.

When did they gave the official name of table tennis?

1926. In England the "Table Tennis Association" started in 1922 (later adding the prefix "English") but in December 1926 the "International Table Tennis Federation" was formed.

Name ten names of winter sports?

swimming football tennis table tennis pingpong

The trophy knows by the name of Grand Prix is associated with?

table tennis, Lawn Tennis, Shooting

Where does table tennis get its name?

It is played similarly to tennis and the court it is played on is a table.So it is not absolutely clear.