What is the other name for sponsors?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The noun and the verb are both spelled sponsor.

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Q: What is the other name for sponsors?
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What is fly arsenal emirates?

Fly Emirates is the name of the shirt sponsors and stadium sponsors.

What are the sponsors for Alcoholics Anonymous?

Sponsors take other members, especially new ones, "under their wings."

Who sponsors David howell?

He is a Cleveland Golf staff player, his other sponsors are Dunlop, Oceanico, Jaguar and Srixon.

Who sponsors KKR?

Nokia and Reebok are the two main/big sponsors. Other smaller sponsors are Kit-Kat, Royal Stag, Dish TV, Coca Cola, etc

Who sponsors Columbus?

the Americans on the other side of India

What were some early radio sponsors?

Soap was a popular sponsor in the early days, thus the name soaps for the daytime shows. Cigarettes were also very popular advertisers. Other popular sponsors included automobile manufacturers, clothing stores and record companies.

What differ sponsors from stakeholders?

Sponsors are almost always stakeholders but stakeholders don't have to be sponsors. Stakeholders are people that have an interest(s) in one or another, in your project. Sponsors, on the other hand, has (almost) always a financial responsibility towards the project (among other things). For your convenience, I've included 2 links: the first one about the Project Sponsor, and the 2nd one about Stakeholders in general.

What is the name of the corporation that sponsors most of robotics?

First Robotics Competition / FRC

Who is the astana that sponsors the bike racing team?

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan, that is the Central Asian Republic. The sponsors are the Group of National Companies and some other organizations.

Is extreme home makeover real?

yes it is you can see the website co to yes they really do it because they have nothing else to waste there millions of dollars on Its not that they have millions of dollars to waste...the money they get for the show are from sponsors. The sponsors give the show money while the show says the sponsors name a lot during the show. For example-- when the builders come they're holding a sign with the companies name on it. that company is possibly one of the sponsors.

Is there a European aircraft name Sky-box?

== == Not as far as I know. There is the Short SC-7 Skyvan, that name comes closest. Skyboxes can be found in soccer stadions, filled with sponsors and other people who can afford to sit there.

Who are Dale Earnhardt Jr's other sponsors besides AMP and National Guard?

The National Guard and Diet Mountain Dew are Dale Jr's primary sponsors for his #88 car. Several other sponsors include AMP Energy, Hellmann's,, Go Daddy, Nationwide Insurance, Degree for Men and Wrangler.