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Without specifying the native American tribe, Southeast Queens Press (website) explains that "the Golf course acquired its name from an old Indian name for the area - "Idalwilde" - or peaceful and savage."

It's unclear whether similar names, like Idylwilde, CO or Idyllwilde, CA have a common etiology from a Native American language.

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Q: What is the origin of the name Idlewild Golf Course?
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Since Idlewild Airport was named after the Idlewild Golf Course where did the name Idlewild come from initially?

The Idlewild Golf Course was named after the local Indian name for the area, Idalwild, or peacefull and savage.

How did Idlewild Airport get its name?

Idlewild Airport, now John F. Kennedy International Airport, got its name as construction began in the early 1940s around a sporting complex called the Idlewild Golf Course. When Idlewild Airport opened for operations in 1942, Floyd Bennett Field was deed to the U.S. Navy. Idlewild Field was dedicated as New York International Airport in 1948. Idlewild airport was originally going to be called Alexander A Anderson Airport. However, Fiorella Laguardia wanted it named Idlewild. It is named for the area where the Idlewild golf course was.

What was the name of the airport before it became JFK?

The airport was built on land that originally was Idlewild Beach Golf Club. They named the airport Idlewild. In the movie Goodfellas, when Henry was a low-level mobster he liked to rob Idlewild Airport.

What is the name of golf ground?

A golf course.

What is the name of someone who watches a golf course?

A golf course owner or a caddy

What is the name of the golf course that jack nicklaus built?

the memorial golf course

Where did the former name of Kennedy Airport 'Idlewild' come from?

Construction on Idlewild International Airport (presently John F. Kennedy International Airport) began in 1942. The airport took its name from the Idlewild Golf Course that it replaced. Planning began during the administration of Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia (1882-1947, mayor 1934-45) and called for 1,000 acres of development. After six years of construction, the airport opened on July 1, 1948.

What is the name of the place where golf is played?

A golf course.

What is the name of the first golf course?

World's Oldest Golf Course Musselburgh Old Course The Royal Musselburgh

What was the name of the golf course in Spain that Bing Crosby died?

La Moraleja Golf Course.

What is idlewild and where does it come from?

Idlewild is derived from the American Indian name for the area around the JFK airport in New York. Originally named Idlewild, the airport's official name was changed to New York International in 1948, but was routinely referred to as Idlewild until 1963.

What is the name of the golf course that is known as the ''birth place of golf''?

the birth place of golf is Scotland

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