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According to the Suns Official NBA Website the name was picked from a contest winner. Please read below from the site. "Just before the beginning of the 1968 All-Star Game in New York, on January 22 to be exact, word was delivered to Bloch that the NBA Board of Governors had approved an expansion franchise for Phoenix. For a $2 million entry fee, Bloch had a yet-to-be-named team and 30 official Wilson basketballs autographed by Walter Kennedy. It was a start. Just over three months later, on April 25, the name "Suns" was selected after more than 28,000 entries were submitted in a name-the-team contest sponsored by The Arizona Republic. The Suns' logo took awhile to develop, however, but it was worth the wait. And it was worth the effort co-owners Don Pitt and Don Diamond put into having it designed. Originally, they contacted a commercial artist, who charged $5,000 for a logo the owners were dissatisfied with. Then, they called Stan Fabe of Tucson, who ran a successful commercial printing plant there."

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Q: What is the origin of the Suns team name?
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