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Let is from the word filet, a French word for the net. In tennis, it is a type of serve that is not valid and has to be done again.

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Q: What is the origin of let in tennis?
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Related questions

What is the origin of the word 'let' in tennis?

Let originates from the French word for net which is filet.

What is the origin of tennis?

The origin of tennis comes from Wimbledon England.

What is the origin of saying let in tennis?

Back in the 18th Century in England when the sport was invented, they would say "Let's replay the point" and that eventually got shortened to "let".

Where does term Let in tennis derive from?

the term let in tennis is short for let it go

Where is the origin of tennis?


Where did the name let come from in tennis?

let came to tennis to represent ''letting'' the players redo the point

What is the origin of love in tennis?

IT means 0

What is the origin country for tennis?

The modern game of tennis originated in the United Kingdom in the late 19th century as lawn tennis and had connections to the ancient game of real tennis.

In tennis Does the umpire say let or net?

There is no umpire in tennis.

Why ls let in tennis called let?

It's from the French word roulet , another chance. So let in tennis is to give another chance

What is a do over in tennis?

a let?

What is a tennis redo?


What do you call a tennis do over?

It is called a 'Let'

What is let in tennis?

Let in tennis is when a point has to be stopped because of a distraction in the middle of a point from something like a balls rolling on to the court. A let is also where the serve hits the net and goes over into the correct service box. This rule applies to everything but the lets in World Team Tennis and Division one mens college tennis.

What is a let score in tennis?

I am pretty sure that a "Let" In tennis is when some one returns the ball and it hits the net. But im not exactly sure!

What is a do over in tennis called?

a let

What is the origin of table tennis?

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How many let's are allowed in table tennis?

Let's are extremely rare in table tennis and you really shouldn't worry about it But just for the beneficial feeling of helping somebody I'm pretty sure there are infanite Just like tennis>

What do you call a do over serve in tennis?


Why is it called a let in tennis when the ball hits the net?

It is called a "let" in tennis when the ball hits the net because "Filet" is the French word for net and the game originated in France.

What is a let ball in tennis?

In tennis, a let can be called for multiple reasons. One reason for a let to be called is if a serve lands in the correct service box, but hits the net first. A let will be called and the server will serve again. Another reason for a let to be called is if something disrupts play or presents a hazard. An example of this would be a ball from another court rolling onto a tennis court while a point is being played.

The origin of tennis?

Historical researches was discovered that tennis was born in ancient Greece culture. Other sources tells us that tennis game was developed from a 12th century French handball game called Paume.

Who can call a let serve in tennis?

the umpire or the returner

What does get mean in tennis?

Do you mean "let"? If so, a let is when a serve touches/nicks the net AND lands in on a player's serve. People call "let" so the server knows their serve hit the net. If a server hits a let, they get to redo their serve.

Identify nouns in Historians trace the origin of the game of tennis to France?

The nouns in the sentence are:historiansorigingametennisFrance