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Ten-pin bowling was invented during Puritan times. In the Puritan laws of Massachusetts was a prohibition against "bowling at Nine Pins." So...they added another pin.
actually the bowling game was invented over 7000 years ag.

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Tenpin is derived from ninepin bowling, a game which was brought to the US by the Dutch, Germans, and English sometime before the Civil War. Ninepin bowling was very popular with the colonoists and participants and spectators alike often gambled on the outcome of games. In 1841 a Connecticut law outlawed ninepin bowling because of the gambling. The bowling proprietors decided to add another pin to get around the law and called the game tenpin bowling. The first indoor bowling alley was built in 1840 at Knickerbockers of New York City.
in Germany.

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Q: What is the origin of Tenpin Bowling?
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