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its white, red, orange ,yellow, purple, blue, green, green with a black stripe, brown, brown with a black stripe, black, and black with your name in Japanese

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Q: What is the order of belt colors in karate?
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What are karate belt colors in order?

the belts are in order:white, yellow, orange, green, purple, blue, brown, black some karate styles dont have purple some have red

What does a karate costume look like?

it is white and you wear a belt the colors vary depending on your rank the highest is a black belt.

What colors are not used for an official karate belt?

Belt colors are set by the school and organization. I believe I have seen all colors used at some point or another. I've even seen camouflage belts!

What is the first belt in karate?

the first belt in karate is white

What is a half blue and half green karate belt?

Every dojo is a little different with their belt orders and colors. It depends on the dojo you train at.

What is a karate belt called in Japanese?

a belt or a karate belt in Japanese is called obi

What are the freestyle karate belt colors in order?

You would have to check the specific school or style. In general they go from light to dark, but the number of ranks before black belt can vary from four to 15. Your instructors can help you understand.

What belt does Kristin Kreuk have in karate?

Kristin Kreuk has a purple belt in karate.

Is it illegal to have a red belt in karate in the US?

No, there is no restriction on belt colors in the US. In some styles, red indicates a level in the kyu range. In traditional Okinawan karate, red indicates someone that is 9th or 10th degree blackbelt.

What are the specifications of any karate uniform?

Karate uniforms are almost all white or black. Some, however, can be purchased in red or other exotic colors. The uniform itself is a loose fitting set of both top and bottom. The bottom has a series of belt loops for one's karate belt.

Where can I get a green belt certificate in karate?

Japanese Judo was the first martial art to introduce the colored belt ranking system as a visible indication of the students progress. The colored belt ranking system soon was adapted for Karate, and was first used by Sensei Gichin Funakoshi and his Shotokan Karate schools. Click here to learn about the Goju-Ryu Karate belt ranking system. As students pass through the ranks taking grading examinations they are awarded with different colored belts. The color order and which colors are used varies from school to school, as does the relationship between belt color and rank (= Kyu

What is the order for karate belts?

The karate belts are diffrent from school to school. Here is a common ranking system: White belt Yellow belt Orange belt Purple belt Green belt Blue belt Blue belt brown stripe Brown belt one Brown belt two Brown belt three Black belt

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