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Q: What is the opposite of blue chip companies?
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Why bluechip companies called blue chip not red chip?

Blue chips are highest valued chips in casinos. Blue chip companies are thus named after them

Top 10 Blue chip Companies?


Give the names of blue chip companies listed in Bombay stock exchange?

Blue chip is a term that is used in the Indian stock market terminology to identify those companies that have been extremely successful over the past few decades and have been consistently creating wealth for investors. Some of the blue chip companies are:Reliance IndustriesState Bank of IndiaInfosysTCSICICI BankHDFC BankONGCNTPCEtc..

Show the top blue chip companies in India?

Some of the top blue chip companies in India are * Reliance industries * SBI * ONGC * Airtel * ICICI Bank * NTPC * HDFC * TCS * Infosys etc... more company

What is an index of 30 blue chip stocks of us companies?

Dow Jones Industrial Average.

What is a blue chip share?

The word 'Blue chip stock' refers to the equity in the securities of high quality companies. Blue chip stock is often also high in public share price. A blue chip stock is the nickname for a stock that is thought to be a relatively safe investment. Blue chip stock is a term named after the blue-colored highest poker chip denomination. Stock of "blue chips" or "blue chip stock" demonstrate some combination of high credit rating, strong balance sheet, stable earnings power. A blue chip stock usually has a diversified revenue base. Most Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) companies fall into the category of blue chip stock. Blue chip stock is not limited to the thirty stocks in the Dow, blue chip can imply any publicly traded stock in a leading international company listed in a foreign stock market. Blue chip stock is often found in conservative investors and retirement portfolios. Volatility for blue chip stock is typically lower than that of lesser known, more thinly traded stocks. Blue chip stock is often popular in market downturns for their ability to pay dividends no matter what the economic climate. The most famous of the blue chips make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The "Dow" consists of the 30 largest and most widely-held public companies in the United States. Some of the companies in the Dow include Coca-Cola, American Express, IBM, General Electric, and Walt Disney. - Md. Sohel Rana (Bangladesh) +8801714228302

What is meant by blue chip companies?

a blue chip stock is one that is very likely to provide you with a fair return on your investment. And in order to do so, a stock must have a proven track record, be financially sound, and must be somewhat insulated from the ups and downs of the economy. Blue Chip companies are like the old faithfulls. Think of IBM, Northrupp Grumman, Chevron, HJ Heinz, Verizon

What is blue chip stocks?

bluechips are big established companies such as microsoft and few more hundred. Rest are not.

What makes up the price of the Dow Jones?

It is the 30 biggest US blue chip companies traded on the NYSE!

What is non blue chip stocks?

bluechips are big established companies such as microsoft and few more hundred. Rest are not.

What is the difference between blue-chip stocks and speculative stocks?

Blue Chip stocks are the largest companies in the stock market, typically the companies in the Dow Jones index and similars. They are supposed to be stable and high-quality, while speculative stocks have a high probability of moving a lot in price either up or down, like prospecting mining companies, high technology companies, and similars.

How get blue chip for car town?

well what is a blue chip??