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Q: What is the opening stroke in tennis?
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What is a role of a stroke table tennis?

The purpose of this stroke is to stop your opponent from playing an attacking stroke

What is the first stroke of tennis called?

a serve

A ground stroke is associated with which sport?


What tennis shot is opposite of a backhand stroke?


Tennis the first stroke of any point is called what?


Which stroke is used to start every point in tennis?


What are the 4 tennis strokes?

forehand, backhand,serves stroke, top spin, slice stroke. yes there are 5.

What is the name for the prince of tennis opening 3?

Make you free

What causes a tennis ball or a coin to spin?

When the ball hits the tennis racket, topspin (preffered stroke of tennis) makes the ball spin. The upward motion of the racket hitting the tennis ball.

What are differences between Offensive stroke to Defensive stroke in table tennis?

I am not an expert but still i'm sharing my answers with you. The answer is

What is a tennis stroke called?

Fore hand, back hand, and a serve that scores a point is an ace.

What height should a ball be hit to execute an average forehand or backhand stroke in tennis?


Are you allowed to volley in tennis?

Yes, a volley is a legal stroke in tennis, as long as contact is made on one's own side of the net, and no contact is made with the net.

What does slice shots mean in tennis?

A slice shot in tennis is a stroke that is produced by swinging the racquet from high to low with a slightly open racquet face imparting underspin.

What is stroke in tennis?

forehand and backhand are the main strokes there are also substrokes called slice cut lob smash.

A hard flat attacking stroke in table tennis?

Yes. It will be difficult to keep it down without adding topspin though!

What is the age restriction for a stroke counter in table tennis?

there are never any age restrictions in table tennis, usually once you are able to see above the table. that would be the perfect time to start

What sporting events occur in September?

US Open (Tennis) Ryder Cup NFL Opening Day

What is the purpose of the butterfly valve inside the induction airbox of a piston engine?

The purpose of butter fly valve is to maintain one way opening during induction stroke and exhaust stroke.

How do you distinguish a four stroke and two stroke bike without opening the engine?

Theres an expansion chamber on the right side of 2-strokes. Its a fat pipe between the front of the engine and the exaust....

What is the average ground stroke speed in mens tennis?

Average Top Spin Ground stroke speed is 62 MPH on the pro tour, and average Slice speed is 46 MPH. some ground strokes have reached above 105 MPH, But on average rally speed is 62 MPH Tennis Professional J R A

What is the stroke used to hit a ball on the racket side of a player in tennis?

That's called a forehand. On the opposite side, it's called a backhand.

Which golfer once incurred a two-stroke penalty for practicing his putting during the opening round of the Masters tournament?

Dow Finsterwald

Can side cam engine be installed in 4 stroke or 2 stroke engine?

sidecam engine cannot be installed in 2 stroke engine because in 2 stroke engine we have inlet & exhaust ports not valves... so when piston moves up and down it automatically opens the inlet and exhaust ports so it does not require any camshaft for opening of valves as it is required in 4 stroke engine

Is follow through an important aspect of groundstrokes in the game of tennis?

Indeed it is. Using all of your body weight in a stroke, you can put a ton of power into your shots.