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Q: What is the only position on a football team that can be sacked?
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How many team managers have been sacked in the world of football from the eve of Christmas till now?

29 coaches

How is a football team compared to a football team?

By position, offense vs defense, coaching, etc.

How do you become a football starter?

You are the best at you position on your team.

What is the best football players in a team?

The most important players in the football team are linemen.They prevent the Quarterback from being sacked or fumble.

What are the odds that if you start on a SEC football team that you will be an MVP?

It depends on what position.

Jon Burnett's playing position on tenneessee' football team?


How do you get in a football team?

1. Pick your position then show them what you got. 2. Go to a big Football event then a Scout might pick you and put you in a team.

In Scotland's football team in which position does Craig Gordon play in?

Gordon is a goalkeeper.

What position did Ron Johnson play on the Pittsburgh Steelers football team?


What is the position OLB in football?

That would be the Outside Line Backer on the Defensive Team.

If a Quarterback is sacked in his end zone does the other team receive possession of the ball and 2 points?

The other team would only get the ball under certain conditions. If the quarterback was sacked on the 4th down, then the opposing team would get the ball. That is not due to the sacking, however, it is due to the fact that you only get 4 downs to gain 10 yards before a turnover. If a quarterback is tackled and fumbles the ball, the other team can get the ball, but the quarterback will not be considered sacked.

Is the Nigeria football team present at the 2012 Olympics?

No Nigeria did not enter a team for Football only Basketball