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I don't know if this is what you mean, but the positions are numbered as follows..The Point Guard is one, the Shooting Guard is two, the Small Forward is three, the Power Forward is the four and the Center is the five.

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Q: What is the one the two and the three on a basketball court?
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How much shots can one shoot from the end of the basketball court in basketball?

About Two Shots

What items do you all need to play basketball?

one basketball and two hoops (or a court). that is it.

What is basketball played on?

the game of basketball is played on a court divided into two halfs with a basketball hoop on each end. On ech end of the court there is a three point line to shoot behind, a freethrow line to shoot free throws on and a lane where you can only stand in for three seconds.

How is a basketball game organized?

A basketball game is organized by the positions on the court. On each team, there are two guards, two forwards, as well as one center.

What you need for basket- ball?

All you need to play basketball is basketball shoes, basketball, two nets, and a court.

What are two of the four sides of the basketball court called?


What are the two lines at each end of the basketball court?


What are the basketball equipment and facilities?

Basketball requires a facility that has a basketball court including two basketball hoops. Required equipment includes a basketball and athletic shoes.

How do you score and win the game basketball?

When you have the basketball, you dribble across the court, and shoot into the hoops (Or you can pass). If you do that without a foul, you get two points. If you shoot from the three-pointer line, you get three points. You can also do free shots, but you'll need to receive a foul for that. If you make one, you get a point, make both, you get two. The team with most point wins!

What are the different types of basketball shots?

The three types of basketball shots are: One-handed shot, hook shot, and the two-handed shot.

What are the two biggest arcs on the basketball court for?

3 point line

How many players and referees in basketball?

five players per team allowed on the court at one time and two ref.s

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