What is the olypic rings mean?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Asia Africa amricas astrala and Europe

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Q: What is the olypic rings mean?
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When were the five rings on the olypic emblem designed?

The five continents of the world

What does the word Olypic mean?

Olympia is the place where the first Olympic Games were held to honour the grecian god Zeus.

How deep is the olypic pool?

it is about 8 feet long.but i am not sure.

Who are the Romanian olympic athletes?

That is mo farah that wined raceing in the olypic

When did Cathy freeman join the Olympics?

2000 sydney olypic games

Who was the first women's Olympic marathon?

Who was the first women olypic marathon runner

What does faint rings mean?

faint rings means fat rings i think

What nation's national anthem is played at every closing ceremony?

Greece which is the birthplace of the Olypic Games

Is trampolining a Olymipic sport?

Trampolinig is not a Olypic sport because I watch the olympic everytime it happens and there was no "trampolining"

What does JTS on jewelry mean?

what doesJts925 mean on rings

What does jelly rings mean?

what does jelly rings mean there just like jelly bracelets but there rings i saw them at southpoint mall just the other day. so can you answer my question now.

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