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The Olympic record for the javelin throw is 203.78 feet. It was accomplished by Andreas Thorkildsen of Norway at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, August 23, 2008.

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Q: What is the olympic record for the javelin throw and who set that record?
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About how many meters or feet would an Olympian throw a javelin?

between 75 and 91 meters as the olympic record is 91.56m set at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

When and where did Osleidys Menendez won the Olympic record for women's javelin?

Osleidys Menéndez of Cuba won the gold medal and set the Olympic record in women's javelin at the 2004 Games in Athens.

What is the record for chukking the javlin?

The world record for the Men's javelin throw is 104.80. It was set in 1984 by Uwe Hohn. However, this was before new regulations were imposed on javelin builds.

Who set a 1992 Javelin record?

American Tom Putskys set a Victoria International Track Classic record with a throw of 83.10 meters in 1992.

What long pointed object was thrown by the first latina to win olympic gold medal?

A javelin by María Colón of Cuba at the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow. She set a then Olympic record with a throw of 68.40 meters (224 feet, 4 9/10 inches) to win gold.

When was the current world record for javelin set?


What is the Australian mens record for the javelin throw?

The Australian men's national record for javelin is 89.02 meters by Jarrod Bannister of Queensland at the Australian Championships in 2008. He broke the old record of 86.67 meters set by Andrew Currey in 2001.

How long has Jan Zelezny played at the Olympics?

Jan Zelezny has participated in 5 Olympic Games and won 4 medals. He currently holds the world record in the javelin throw at 98.48 meters (323 feet, 1 inch) set in 1996 and the Olympic record at 90.17 meters (295 feet, 10 inches) set at the 2000 Games in Sydney. Olympic Competition: 1988 - Silver 1992 - Gold 1996 - Gold 2000 - Gold 2004 - 9th place

Who was first british athlete to hold world record for javelin?

Fatima Whitbread.Whitbread set the women's world record with a throw of 77.44 meters (254 feet, 3/4 inch) at the 1986 European Championships in Stuttgart.One other British athlete has held the world record in javelin. That was Steve Backley who held the men's world record on three separate occasions, the first being in 1990.

Is an olympic record the same as a world record?

No they are not the same. A World Record can be broken at any time. Whereas an Olympic Record can only be broken at the Olympic Games (it's a glorified Meet Record.) Keep in mind that a World Record CAN be set at the Olympic Games (which would in turn, automatically break the Olympic Record as well.) A World Record outranks an Olympic Record.

Are there any Irish Olympic record holders?

Pete O'Connor set a record with the long jump and won two Olympic metals. John Treacy set a record time in marathon running.

What is the world record javelin throw?

The world record for the javalin is 140.80 meters.