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Q: What is the oldest surviving NFL team with its original name?
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Who is the oldest team in their original city?

The oldest team who still plays in their original city is the Green Bay Packers, est 1921.

Which team name is the oldest in the NBA?

It is the Boston Celtics that has the oldest team name in the NBA.

What is the oldest surviving team sport held continually at the modern Olympic games?

i think it would be rugby !

Is water polo the oldest surviving team sport?

No, water polo originated as a form of rugby football played in rivers and lakes in England and Scotland and since rugby originated from football (or soccer) then this is the oldest surviving team sport. Waterpolo was the among the first team sports introduced at the modern Olympic games in 1900

Who is the first team to play soccer?

It's difficult to say, but English non-league Sheffield FC, founded in 1857, are the world's oldest surviving football team.

What are the football teams in Sheffield?

Sheffield F.C. (oldest surviving football team), sheffield Wednesday F.C. and sheffield united F.C.

What hockey team name is the oldest?

Montreal Canadeans.

What is the name of the oldest soccer team in Italy?


Why did Tennessees name change?

Because the team's original name of Oilers had no connection with the team's Tennessee home.

Are the Geelong cats the oldest AFL team?

No. Geelong are the second oldest AFL team Melbourne are the oldest

What is the oldest baseball team still with its original name and city?

In MLB, the Detroit Tigers. The MLB team in Detroit has been known as the Tigers since they entered the American League in 1901. CORRECTION: IT IS THE PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES, nice try tigers fan...1883

What baseball team shares the same name as the oldest law ennforcement?

the Texas rangers