What is the oldest sport-?

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Soccer or Football ( the world way) is commonly presumed to be the world's oldest organized sporting event. The sport dated over 3000 years ago and was an important part of indigenous rituals.

Martial Arts and physical combat are the oldest known activities that could be labeled sports by themselves. Civilizations as old as the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks practiced activities, now commonly known as wrestling, thousands of years ago and were spectacles to show off the military strength of the individuals.

I would say cricket or football (real football not that pathetic american game) because back in the 800 the japanese used to hit pig hearts with sticks and had a similar scoring system to cricket today, and also they used to play football with a pigs bladder or a human head with the same rules as football today except the advanced rules like fouls, offside etc.

hockey because George Washington thought they should not be sitting around all day so he invented the sport hockey.

The Iroquois Indians invented the game of soccer by kicking a deerskin ball filled with air and the game of lacrosse using a stick and fur ball

Boxing was the first sport. Men fighting has been around since cavemen.

In The Bible it mentions wrestling. So it is the oldest sport.

Wrestling. Cave paintings in the Bayankhongor Province of Mongolia dating back to Neolithic age of 7000 BC show grappling of two naked men and surrounded by crowds.


Shuai Jiao, Chinese for wrestling, was the first sport ever created. It was made in 2697

The first sport ever invented is wrestling

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The oldest known sport is running or sprinting. Running dates back to the first Olympic games that took place in 776 BC.

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Q: What is the oldest sport-?
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