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Yale vs. Harvard

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Q: What is the oldest college rivalries?
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How many rivalries are there in college football?

There are hundreds of rivalries in college football, too many to be named.

What are the longest college basketball rivalries?

Duke and North Carolina

What are the greatest rivalries in college football?

U of M vs. OSU

Is Auburn and Georgia the oldest rivalry in college football?

Top 3 oldest rivalries (not including military academies): Michigan v Ohio St, Oklahoma v Texas, and Alabama v Auburn.Oldest rivalry in college football history: Michigan vs. Notre Dame - it goes back to 1887 (123 years)Oldest rivalry in division 3? williams vs. amherstoldest collge football coach in history of college football? Joe Paterno of the Penn State Nittany Lions.The Answer to the Question is no. Auburn vs Georgia is not the oldest rivalry in college football. Harvard vs Yale started in 1875.As far as the 'oldest' coach in college football history: Amos Alonzo Stagg coached until he was 96.

What is the oldest women's college in the US?

Salem College is the oldest women's college in America that is still a women's college.

What are some of the top Sports Rivalries in modern day sports?

Rivalries are mostly dependent on where you live or what sports teams you follow. Most people sense the most heated rivalries are located near them, because they are most involved with the people who are interested in the rivalries. Common rivalries include interstate rivalries, and neighboring college rivalries. On a national basis, the most known sports rivalries are the New York Yankees v. Boston Red Sox and Joe Frazier v. Mohammed Ali, etc.. For more see Related Links below.

How old is the Georgia auburn football rivalry?

The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry, as it is called, is one of college footballs oldest rivalries. The first time that the Auburn Tigers and Georgia Bulldogs met was on February 20, 1892. The teams have played a total of 118 times since then, and the series is tied at 55-55-8.

What is the oldest college in Illinois?

McKendree University (College) was founded in 1828 and is the oldest in Illinois.

What are the oldest college football rivalries?

Top 3 oldest rivalries(not including military academies):Michigan v Ohio St, Oklahoma v Texas, and Alabama v Auburn. I don't have a definitive answer to this one, but the above Answer is wrong. Harvard and Yale have been playing football against each other since 1875. Many other long standing rivalries come up when you simply search for them on the internet. Lehigh vs Lafayette (since 1884), South Dakota School of Mines and Technology vs Black Hills State University (said by Wikipedia to be the second most played after Harvard-Yale), Wisconsin vs Minnesota (since 1890) and many others. The Wikipedia entries say the first Michigan - Ohio State game was in 1897, Auburn-Alabama in 1893 and Oklahoma - Texas in 1900. The original Question is too vague. Why are service academies excepted? Did they mean ONLY current FBS football schools? The Answer above sounds like a 9-tear old's vision of "oldest college football rivalries": that is, only the currently popular football team rivalries that the nine year old has heard of. Does the question mean the oldest first game between two rivals? The rivalry with the longest consecutive years played to date? Many rivalries are initially old but some years the game is not played. The rivalry with the highest number of games played? Are all football divisions included, or just the current major college programs? Harvard - Yale is VERY likely the number ONE answer to this question. After that, you must specify what the question really means to get a definitive answer.

What is the second oldest college in Virginia?

Harvard University is the second oldest college in the state of Virginia.

Which college is the oldest at Oxford university?

The oldest college at Oxford University is University College, which was founded in 1249.

Oldest active college football player?

who is the oldest active college football player right now?

Oldest college in kerala?

CMS college

Which is the oldest Medical College in Andhra Pradesh?

As far as I know Andhra Medical College is the oldest medical College in Andhra Pradesh, started in 1923.

What is the oldest college in the south?

RingshoutThe college of Charleston, South Carolina was founded in 1770 and chartered in 1785. This makes it the oldest college in the south.

What is the oldest Baptist college in the US?

Mississippi College

What is the oldest secular college in Canada?

king's college

What is the sectional rivalries?

What ARE the sectional rivalries

What is the second oldest college in America?

The college of William and Mary is the second oldest college in America. It was chartered by King William III and Queen Mary II.

What is eighth oldest college in the US?

The eight oldest college or university is Rutgers located in New Jersey. It was established in 1766.

What is the oldest and most famous college bowl game?

The Rose Bowl is the most famous and oldest college football game.

What is the longest college football rivalries in years?

Yale vs. Harvard is the longest...but 1 of my favorite rivalries is Indiana University vs. Purdue University for the OLD OAKEN BUCKET! that one has been goin on forever! go IU!!!

What is the oldest college in the world?

The oldest universitie is caled parma in italy.

What is the oldest corporation in America?

Harvard College is the oldest corporation in America

What type of contest or game is held between the Army and Navy?

The Army-Navy game is one of the oldest and enduring rivalries. It is an annual American college football game between the teams of the United States Military Academy and the United States Naval Academy. The winner of the game is awarded the Thompson Cup.