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I do not believe a score is listed; it is just listed as a win. The occurrence is so rare, it is hard to find an answer. I know back when ties existed the score was listed as 0-0, and no one was credited with a win.

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Q: What is the official score of a forfeit win in football?
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What is the score of a forfeit in basketball?

forfeit means that one team cant play for some reason could be because not enough showed up or whatever the situation may be, when the team forfeits the other team wins. there is no score but it does count as a win.

A sentence for forfeit?

"The man had to forfeit because he knew that there was no way he could win."

If you forfeit does the other team win?


Opposite of forfeit?

Three antonyms for forfeit are: gain, win, retain Alternate answer: default..... because if the other team forfeits you win by default

How do you win a game of football?

-score the most points -inflict the most pain on your opponents so they can forfeit the game... hope in a playoff game your opponent get disqualified for something such as a ineligible player so that the credit can be awarded to your team and y'all can advance in the playoffs.

How does a team win in pro football in overtime?

First team to score on overtime wins

How can you win a football game by the score of 1 to nothing?

If a game is forfeited, the non-forfeiting team officially wins 1-0 in high school and college football. The exception is if the offended team is already ahead at the time of the forfeit, in which case the score stands as-is. Though it has never happened, it is possible for a team to score just one point in a college football game (if the offensive team somehow gets tackled in their own endzone for a safety on the PAT, the defensive team would be awarded one point), but the other team has to score at least one touchdown for this to be possible.

What is the lowest winning American football score?

If one team scores a Safety and that is the only score in the game, then they win 2-0.

Why would a football team win?

Because they score more points than the other team.

How do you win a football match?

Generally to win you need to score more goals than the other team but you can win in other ways including, disiplinary, drug problems etc

Do you get something if you score the most goals in middle school?

yes you win a laptop and you get to meet a football player of your chose

Did the Oregon win championship in football?

no they did not they lost by a field goal with two seconds in the game score 22-19

What is a forfeit in volleyball?

A forfeit in volleyball, as in any other sport, is when one team gives up the game therefore causing the other team to win automatically.

Can you win by submission in a high school wrestling match?

Yes, unofficially. You can usually only win by forfeit, pin, points or injury, but if a kid starts tapping out to a LEGAL move, most refs will stop the match and they will forfeit.

How many points do you have to get to win a Rugby game?

More then the other team, unless they forfeit

How can a womens baseball team win without a single person scoring?

forfeit makes sense

Can a high school football score be 1-0?

no, Its impossible considering the fact that the score goes by 7 points per score. the smallest number possible ever to win with is 2 or 3. Its possible for the score to be 2-0 or 3-0 but not 1-0.

What are three way to win a wrestling match?

1. forfeit 2. points 3. pin (fall)

What is the win-loss record for UF's first official football season in 1906?

5 wins, 3 losses, 0 ties

How do you win in football?

You win in football by scoring more points then the other team.

How do you win basketball games?


What is W in box score?


Who did the broncos defeat for their first American league football game?

The Broncos first ever American Football League win was on September 9, 1960 against the Boston Patriots by the score of 13-10.

What is a 1985 score book and official program for the world champion Detroit Tigers worth?

Id assume nothing, they didnt win the world series in 1985

To win in squash you need to score how many points?

Squash is an "open" scoring game there is no goal score as it is. Think of it like basketball, baseball or football, the team with the highest score wins. 15 American scoreing 9 English scoring bothbest of 5 So what is the answer?