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I just spent 20 minutes in Dick's Sporting Goods with an official NFL leather one and a official high school leather football and a Color Bridge and the color of a brand new one is 7524C but if you want what we all think of as a football, it would be darker due to the oils in your hands. The new color is very pinky brown.

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Q: What is the official pantone colors for a football?
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What is the Pantone number for LA Lakers purple?

Official Colors: Purple (Pantone 526) and Gold (Pantone 123)

What are the colors of Tennessee vols?

The University of Tennessee's official colors are UT Orange (Pantone 151), White, and Smokey Gray (Pantone 426).

What are the PMS numbers for Notre Dame's colors?

The official colors for products the University employs are the following: Navy Blue (Pantone 289), Gold (Pantone 116), metallic Gold (Pantone 872), Green (Pantone 347).

What are correct pantone colors for shell logo?

The colors are red (Pantone 485) and yellow (Pantone 116).

What is a pantone code?

Pantone is a company that publishes color specifications. Their colors have been accepted as the "standard" for colors in most of the world. Each of the thousands of Pantone colors has a number--PANTONE 300 is a nice medium blue, PANTONE 186 is bright red, PANTONE 356 is green.

What are the new Pantone colors for 2013?

Pantone colors of 2013 are blue and red.

What is Ral 8025 to pantone?

The RAL color 8025 is close to three Pantone colors. These colors are Pantone Solid Uncoated 4625 U, Pantone Metallic 8585 C, and Pantone Solid Coated 7532 C.

What are the Olympics pantone colors?

There are five Olympic Pantone colors that can be seen on the Olympic ring design. These colors are blue, black, red, yellow, and green.

What is the equivalent of RAL 7035 in Pantone colors?

Pantone 421 C

What are the pantone colors for the caterpillar logo?

Yellow 123 c pantone black c

What are auburns football colors?

The official colors are blue and orange. The hex numbers are 03244d and dd550c

Pantone colors for usc trojans?

USC Cardinal: PANTONE 201USC Gold: PANTONE 123

Where can someone get a list of Pantone colors?

Pantone Inc. is an American company with its headquarters in New Jersey. They developed the Pantone Matching System which is widely used in printing and manufacturing. One can find a list of Pantone colors at the website California Printed.

What are commonly known as PMS colors?

PMS Colors stands for Pantone Matching System Colors. PMS Colors are colors that have been matched with the Pantone Matching System. You can get more information at the Wikipedia. Once on the page, type "Pantone" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

What is the correct pantone grey for BMW logo?

I found on a website the pantone colors BMW uses for its logo. I'm not sure if it's true, but here's the closest thing I've found. Pantone Cool Grey 10 Other colors are: Pantone 293 (blue), black, Pantone 877 (silver)

What ral number is pantone Reflex Blue?

The RAL number of the Pantone color Reflex Blue C is thought to be 5002. There is no exact matching when converting RAL colors to Pantone colors, but this is the closest blue to it.

What are the Pantone colors for Florida gators?

Blue is Pantone 287 Orange is Pantone 172 Not sure about Green - Pantone 293-2?

What are the official Pantone colors for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Teal 315, Black 6, Gold 125, Opaque White, with Gold 872 used on the helmet decal.

What are NFL Charlotte Panthers pantone colors?

Home: White, Carolina Blue, Black Away: Black,Carolina Blue Alternative: Carolina Blue, White, Black He wanted pantone colors /\ Pantone colors: Blue - Pantone Process Blue C Black - Pantone Black 6 C Silver - Pantone 429 C

What pantone colors are the Detroit red wings logo?

what is the detroit red wings pantone color

What is the pantone shade of orange for the Dutch football team?

Pantone 16-1462-TCX

What are the team colors of the Seattle Sounders?

The Seattle Sounders team colors are: Sounder Blue (Pantone 647C) Rave Green (Pantone 370C) Cascade Shale (Pantone 433C)

What are the colors for the Pittsburgh Steelers football team?

The official colors are black and gold but they do have some white in their jersey

What are the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers pantone colors?

Pittsburgh Steelers - Textile Colors

What are the pantone colors for phoenix suns?