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A "header".

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Q: What is the official name for head-butting a soccer ball?
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How did the soccer ball get its name?

A soccer ball got its name from England i am pretty sure.

What is the Official tennis ball?

the official tennis ball name brand is Wilson

Soccer ball brand name Arsenal soccer?

Its a team in England

What is the official name of soccer?

Association football

What is the mathematical name for the shape of a soccer ball?

The soccer ball is round in three dimensions. It's a sphere. (The Laws of the Game actually specify a spherical ball.)

What is the mathmatical name for a soccer ball?

A sphere?

What is the name of a soccer ball in Guyana?

scissor kick

Is football the official name for soccer in Vietnam?

bóng đá

How do you make a soccer ball for your name in twitter?

Jesse Melendez

What is the geometric name for the shape of a soccer ball?

The shape of a soccer ball is a sphere. The stitching pattern of a traditional ball is that of a truncated icosahedron cocentric with the sphere with the pattern projected onto the sphere.

What is the official name of french soccer team?

French Football Federation

What is the name given for punctured football?

A punctured ball is usually called a "burst ball" in soccer parlance.

What is the name of the ball people who give the soccer players a ball when their ball goes out of the line?

Ballboys/Ballgirls Ballkids

What is the name of the official match ball of the 2010 world cup?

Adidas Jabulani is the official match ball of the 2010 fifa world cup.

What is the official name for soccer?

technically soccer is football, the original football, unlike rugby or American football, or Aussie rules

What is the name of the Archimedean solid that the soccer ball represents?

Truncated Icosahedron

Name a sport that does not have the word ball in it?

Soccer, tennis, hockey, golf

What is the name of something shaped like a hexagon?

soccer Ball and snowflakes

A hand ball in soccer results in what?

what happens is you get a free kick within the i forgot the name

Who is jabulani daka?

jabulani is a soccer ball name . name was for fifa 2010 world cup

What will be the name of the new mls soccer team in philadelphia?

they don't have and official name yet, but they are nicknamed the Zolos

What is the name of point in the middle of the circle in the game of soccer?

I believe you are on about the center spot, but this may not be the official name.

Is soccer more dangerous than football?

Football is the official name for soccer. Soccer comes from association football. Only in the USA and Canada do they say soccer. The global name for football is of course football. The global name for American football is gridiron. Football is a sport played using the feet and a ball, only football does this. Both sports have many injuries but the more serious ones happen in gridiron. if mean Canada and usa soccer is better football is dangerous but what about soccer all the leg injuries

Name four things that float?

soccer ball, oil, people, boats

Name all the sports played in the EU?

Base ball,Football,and soccer