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The official birthday for all race horses is January first

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Q: What is the official horse birthday?
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What is the official birthday of every horse?

It depends on the breed. For example, according to the jockey club, the official birthday for all Thoroughbreds is January 1. This is also true of racing Arabians and racing Quarter Horses. Although I don't know if that holds true for all Arabs and qh's (check with the AHA and AQHA, respectively.)

What is the Pennsylvania state horse?

There is no Official State Horse in Pennsylvania.

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Which horse holds the official pulling record in the world?

The draft horse

What crazy roman official made his horse a government official?


How old is a horse born in october on the horses birthday?

Well I have no idea what your question means but I think it has something to do with when a horse is born. If you intend to register your horse then EVERY horse in America has a birthday of Feburary, no matter when they were born.

What is the state horse of South Dakota?

South Dakota does not have an official state horse. However, Rodeo is the official state sport of South Dakota.

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Rather than draw a horse rearing, I think you should draw her favorite horse for your friend's birthday as that way it will have more of a personal meaning.

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The official state horse of Alabama is the racking horse designated by Act No. 1153 in 1975.

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The Queen of England's official birthday varies between the end of May to the beginning of June.

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The horse of Santiago was gray because he had a dark colored nose. To be an official white horse...the horse has to have a pink nose.

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probably a picture of a horse or figurine

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Maryland has an Official Horse, Cat and Dog but not an Official Mammal.

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There isn't a official date for Yuusei's birthday, yet.

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horse type

What is the official name of a horse that has a horn?


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Horse Racing.

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i would feed it carrots apples or horse treats

Does Alaska have an Official state horse?

It does not have a state horse. The Alaska State Land Mammal is the moose.

What is the common name for an Arabian horse?

Most horse enthusiasts will go by the term Arab horse, but the official name would be Arabian.

What animal represents Tennessee?

The raccoon is the official state wild animal. The Tennessee Walking Horse is the official state horse. Tennessee's state reptile is the eastern box turtle.

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Because the State Legislature deemed it an appropriate state symbol. It is a mammal but is not the official state mammal but instead is the Official State Horse.

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His Birthday is on 27th November it says it in there book and on the Official website

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