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The official color of Manchester United is RED

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Q: What is the official color of the Manchester United football team?
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How long have Manchester United been playing football?

Manchester United have been playing for many years it was originally called Newton heat and their color was green and gold. but it changed in the year 1903 to Manchester United.

What is Manchester United nicknamed?

MU is nicked name the red devils since there official color is red and there good.

Why do Manchester united wear black football shorts and sometimes white?

they wear the white shorts to avoid a color clash between man C or other teams who wear white shorts

What is the official pantone colors for a football?

I just spent 20 minutes in Dick's Sporting Goods with an official NFL leather one and a official high school leather football and a Color Bridge and the color of a brand new one is 7524C but if you want what we all think of as a football, it would be darker due to the oils in your hands. The new color is very pinky brown.

Can you raise a pit bull to hate the color blue?

Raise him to be a Manchester United fan.

What color are Manchester United wearing in the 2009 champions league final?

They were wearing their red jerseys.

The color of green for Ireland stands for?

The color green for Ireland stands for the official color of Saint Patrick. In the United States, the color green symbolizes jealousy.

What is the pantone color for Manchester city?

Manchester City FC is a sky blue color.

What is the official color of the three lions on the English football badge?

The lions are bluey-navy sort of colour.

What color jerseys and socks do the players of Manchester United wear in 2012?

At home United wear a red shirt with a sort of background checkerboard pattern. The socks are black with a red bar around them.

Colors of Harvard law school?

Crimson is the official color. The football team often uses white to compliment the crimson.

What is the official color of the United Nations used to illuminate landmarks worldwide on UN day?

Dez Nutz

What is this official color of a dreidel?

dreidels don't have an official color. They can be any color.

What is Hawaii's state color?

Each Hawaiian island has its own individual color. Hawai`i: The official color is Red. Maui: The official color is Pink. O`ahu: The official color is Golden Yellow. Kaua`i: The official color is Purple. Moloka`i: The official color is Green. Lana`i: The official color is Orange. Ni`ihau: The official color is White. Kaho`olawe: The official color is Gray.

What is the official color of table tennis table?

The official color is blue.

What is Virginia's official state color?

The flag has a field of blue but the state has no official color.

Official color of table tennis table?

The official color of table tennis table is green or blue.

What color is football?

Football is brown

What soccer club has the best soccer jersey?

My favorite club jersey is the one worn by Arsenal, it is red and white in color.

Why is the Texas Longhorns color burnt orange?

Burnt orange and white are the official colors of the university. The distinctive burnt orange color employed by The University of Texas at Austin plays a major role in establishing our identity. Legend has it that the burnt orange color was chosen by football coach Darrell Royal, who thought that it would help his players conceal the football when they ran the triple option. This specific shade of orange, known as "Texas Orange" or "Burnt Orange" was made official on June 17,1967, when Chancellor Harry Ransom made a recommendation to the Board of Regents.

What is the official color of Crohn's Disease?

If you live in the United States, there is a foundation called the CCFA, Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. Their official ribbon color is purple. If you are interested about this organization, their website is: They have annual walks, runs, and other fun fundraisers to raise money and awareness for the two diseases.

What is the official state color for Illinois?

Illinois does not have an official state color listed in their books. The official colors of Illinois State University are red and white, however.

Why is the color of the football brown?

Because football is brown.

What is China's official color?

the offical color is red

What is the official color of the Philadelphia Phillies?

The phightns official color is Red and White even though occasionaly the wear Blue