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In Gridiron (american football) the offense comes into the defense's territory and the defense has to put up a front to stop the offense. If the defense fails then the offensive marches past and scores. Most scores win!


"What is the primary goal?"

To win the game.

You win by scoring more points than the other team. A team can score six points by scoring a touchdown. This is done when one of your teams players carries the ball into the opposing team's end zone, or catches a forward pass in the end zone. The ball is advanced in various ways that are too lengthy to get into.

After scoring a touchdown your team gets to try an "extra point". From a very short distance the ball is place-kicked through the goalposts. If it makes it through, you get 1 point. The team can also try one play from the 2-yard line to get into the endzone again. If successful they get two points. The extra point is made almost always and the 2-point version is much harder so teams usually try for the single extra point.

The other main way to score points is via a "field goal" which is worth 3 points. The offense can use a play to try a place kick through the uprights and if they succeed they get three points. If not the other team gets possession of the ball.

A "safety" is a ridiculously-named way two score two points. If a member of the offensive team is tackled in his OWN end zone, the defensive team is given two points. There are other ways to get a safety, all of which involve poor execution by the offense near their own endzone but to go into detail would be overkill.


If you don't have the Gridiron ball, get it. If you do have it, put it in the end zone.


Make a touch down without breaking any limbs! GO VOLS!


make the touchdowns

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Q: What is the objective of the game of American football?
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