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To get the ball past your opponents goalie and into the goal by only using your hands and not moving when having the ball. Handball is a game that includes a lot of passing and teamwork.

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Q: What is the object of the game handball?
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What does le handball mean in English?

Handball... It's a sport with two teams, seven players on each team. The object of the game is to pass a ball and throw it into the opposing teams net.

In what year did the game of European Handball originate?

The game of Team Handball originated in the Year of 1919.

What is the object of any game of handball?

Although there are many more associated benefits and even more important intrinsic "objects", the Formal object of any sport is to win ... and to do so in a fair, sportsman-like manner. However, in relation to any "handball" games: As hand and ball games vary, and have varied, so enormously from place to place and from time to time even over mere decades, it would be hard to generalize specifics on how the 'winning' of "any game of handball" is accomplished. For instance, although there is now an "Olympic handball" game (which was formerly called, "European handball" by many nations), and which is a team game, there have long-existed individual handball games of various kinds around the world. Perhaps among the most enduring and formal, Western "handball" games are the versions which are played in singles or doubles off walls, similar to squash, but without racquets. There are 3-walled, one-walled and 4-walled versions. Prime competitions have been played in Ireland, Australia and America of this type of handball game for well over 100 years. In addition, there are less formal "handball" games - mainly played by youth and children. Regardless of the mode, Most of these handball games/sports comprise the striking of a ball with the hand and are competed on an indiviual basis. So, more specific to the question: The object is to cause the opponent to miss a ball or mess up a shot of his own - with the ultimate object of winning points or 'getting him out', depending on the specific game. The object of the team game of 'handball' is to out-score the other side by scoring more goals.

What is a three person handball game called?

Cut throat handball

Is handball a game?

Duuuhhh a sports game

When is the event of the handball game in the Olympics and where?

Handball is part of the summer Olympics. So there was no Handball in the Olympics 2010, which was winter Olympics

How did Team Handball come to be known as Handball?

Handball was always named only "Handball". Just the English speaking hemisphere added "Team" to distinguish it from the other handball game played by just 2 persons.

Who always wins a game in handball?

The winner!

What is the number of players in a game of team handball?


Is there going to be handball game for ps2?

No most of the new PS2 games have been released and if a new game like handball came out it would be on the PS3 move

Who made handball?

There is no single person credited with inventing the game of handball. It goes as far back as ancient Rome.

How many players are on a handball game?

Handball consists of 2 teams of 7 players each. One of which is the goalkeeper.