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Q: What is the number of ncaa championships the big 12 has won vs the sec conference?
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What ncaa conference has most national championships in football?

big ten

Which NCAA conference has the most schools with the most championships?

I think its the SEC(South Eastern Conference)

What are the NCAA tournament wins by conference?

The number of NCAA tournament wins by conference overall is led by the Big East. Coming a close second is the Atlantic Coast Conference and then after them is the Big 12.

What NCAA conference is Ohio State University in?

The Ohio State University is in the Big 10 Conference.

What is Xaviers NCAA basketball conference?

The Big East

What are the release dates for Big West Conference NCAA Basketball - 2003?

Big West Conference NCAA Basketball - 2003 was released on: USA: 7 January 2003 (Los Angeles, California)

What big twelve football team has won the most conference championships?

The Oklahoma Sooners have won eight Big 12 Conference championships, in 2000,2002,2004,2006,2007,2008,2010, and 2012 (with Kansas State.)

What league are the Minnesota Gophers in?

Big Ten Conference and NCAA, Division I

What actors and actresses appeared in Big West Conference NCAA Basketball - 2003?

The cast of Big West Conference NCAA Basketball - 2003 includes: Dan Hubbard as Announcer Randy Rosenbloom as Announcer

What NCAA conference is Eastern Washington in?

Eastern Washington has been a member of the Big Sky Conference since 1987.

What is the big east conference record in the 2010 ncaa tourney?


What is the toughest NCAA football conference?

The SEC. then the Big 12, Pac 10, Big 10, and ACC