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Q: What is the number of most consecutive kickoff returns in NFL history for touchdowns in one game?
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What is the record for kickoff returns for touchdowns in a game in the NFL?

the record for kickoff returns for touchdowns in a game is 2, held by several players

Who has the most kickoff returns for touchdowns?

Devin Hester`of the Chicago Bears

What is the record for combined kickoff and punt returns for touchdowns in an NFL career?

As of the end of the 2007 season, the record is 13 and is held by Brian Mitchell (9 punt returns, 4 kickoff returns).

How many touchdowns did devin Hester have in 2007?

8 ... 4 on punt returns, 2 on kickoff returns, and 2 on pass receptions.

What is the record for kickoff returns for touchdowns in high school?

The single game record is 4 KICKOFFS returned for touchdowns. It was done by Roger Maris of Fargo H.S. against Devils Lake in 1950.

What nfl players hold the record for most career touchdowns?

Overall total touchdowns: Jerry Rice has most with 208. Emmitt Smith is second with 175, followed by Marcus Allen with 145.For receiving touchdowns, Jerry Rice leads with 197.For rushing touchdowns, Emmitt Smith with 164.For punt returns, Eric Metcalf with 10.For kickoff returns, several players are tied with 6.

What is the average number of touchdowns per game in the NFL?

In the 2011 NFL regular season, there were 1259 touchdowns scored, 745 passing, 400 rushing, 20 punt returns, 9 kickoff returns, 80 by the defense, and 5 classified as 'other'. There being 256 regular season games played in 2011, this averages out to 4.92 touchdowns per game.

How many combined punt kick returns does Devin Hester have?

7 punt returns for touchdowns and 9 kick returns for touchdowns

Who was the first player in Dallas team history to score two touchdowns on returns of any kind in the same game?

Dion sanders

How many punt and kickoff returns does devin Hester have?

At least 5 kickoff and 12 punts for TDs

Was there ever been back to back kickoff returns?


What Eagle has the most career kickoff returns?

Brian Mitchell.

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