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Considered by some as a sport but not all, the Nascar Circut draws more in attendance than any other competitive sport. American football is second, followed closely (due to the length of the season) is Baseball.

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Soccer is the number one sport in the world it is played in every country as an actual professional sport unlike baseball it is only a real sport in the US and like 5 other countriesI think baseball is played in more than 5 other countries. I don't know where you get your information.

Horse racing is in the top ten.

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Q: What is the number 1 spectator sport in the world?
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What is the most popular spectator sport in the world?

Soccer is the #1 sport in the world :)

No 1 spectator sport in Singapore?


Is formula 1 the biggest spectator sport in the world?

No it isn't, the number one spectator sport in the world is football. Other sports in the same list may include basketball, volleyball, cricket, baseball and other versions of football (American, rugby). Different countries may have different rankings, depending on the type of sport it is and this may effect the rankings in that particular country.

What is the number 1 sport?

Football (soccer) is by far the world's number one sport.

What is the number 1 particapated sport in the world?

If you're asking about the #1 sport in the world, the answer is soccer AKA football (not American football). It's hard to imagine futbol as the #1 sport since it's not that popular in the US, but every country in the world is different. While the United States is mostly popular with baseball and American football, there are countries in South America, Europe, Asia, and so many different continents where soccer is all they live and breathe. You will never see a "World Cup" for any other sport other than soccer.

What is the most watched spectator sport?

According to a 2010 survey the most watchedSpectator (keywords) sport in the world by fan count is:#1--Football (soccer), approximately 3.5 billion fans.

What sport is Japan number 1 in the world in any sport?

The most common sports in Japan include association football and other ball sports. Some of the martial arts and Karate are also practiced by many people. There is no legally official sport of Japan, but the Japan Sumo Association describes sumo as the national sport of Japan, with baseball as the most popular spectator sport of the country.

Where does auto racing rank as a spectator sport?

Nationally, NASCAR is the fastest growing professional sport, rivaling professional football. Internationally, Formula 1 racing ranks second to what the rest of the world calls football (soccer).

What the second best sport in the world?

Soccer is number 1. Cricket is number 2.