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Q: What is the normal playing time of tennis?
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Why are tennis players so fit?

Because playing Tennis is exercise. If playing Tennis is what they do all the time, then they will be very fit.

How does one not play hot tennis?

The rules of the game are the same as normal tennis, playing a game, set and match. The only difference is, is you are in a hot environment. So if you are not playing hot tennis then you are in the cold.

What is the Average playing time in tennis match?

Two hours and 41 minutes is the average playing time in men's singles tennis match.

Why do you wear tennis shoes when playing tennis?

because the tennis shoes are dedicated to play tennis and has grips at the bottom so that it helps. It is much better than wearing normal runners

What time will they start playing tennis tonight?


What did Amelia Earhart do in her free time?

She enjoyed riding horses and also playing tennis.

When did Sally Ride start playing tennis?

sally ride started playing tennis at the age of 10

How long have you been or you have been playing tennis. Which one is correct?

"How long have you been playing tennis?" is the correct phrase to ask about the duration of someone's tennis experience.

Where you are playing Tennis?

On a tennis court of course! O_o

Are tennis shoes a ripoff?

no, because they are for playing tennis.

How much time could you spend practicing tennis?

it is recommended for a tennis player to spend two hours continously playing tennis a day. but for pros, they normally practise two times a day.

What do you have to do to get noticed for a tennis scout to seek you?

Be good at playing tennis.