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Many little leagues play a 9th batter rule. At the coach/machine pitch level our league plays that when the 9th batter comes to the plate, the hitting team must announce it or he's out after a pitch is thrown. Once announced, there are automatically two outs. That batter completes his at-bat, either safe or out and then the half-inning ends.

For our Minors (kid-pitch) kids, same rules, except the 9th batter can stay on the bases and advance until he scores. When he crosses the plate or an out is made the inning ends. The only way runners behind him can score is on an over-the-fence home-run.

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Q: What is the ninth batter rule?
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Does a team bat around when the ninth batter comes to the plate or when the tenth batter comes to the plate?

Batting around the order happens when the 10th batter comes to the plate (actually the first batter up in the line-up)

Where does it say in any rule that the batter is out if he carries the bat to first base?

There is no rule that says that.

If a batter throws his bat is it a dead ball out?

A batter being out for throwing his bat is not a baseball rule -- this is just a rule that leagues put into their own rules for safety and you would have to refer to your league on that ruling. If we are talking MLB -- there is no rule for a batter being called out if he throws his bat

What is the rule for throwing bat in little league?

the batter is out

If a batter is up and the pitcher balks if there is no runners on base does the batter get anything at all?

Yes, by rule the batter would receive a ball.

Is the batter still out if the fly ball is dropped after the infield fly rule has been called?

Yes, the batter is out once the umpire makes the call for the infield fly rule.

The bases are loaded ther is one out the batter hits a fly ball to the 2nd baseman what rule is the rule?

Infield fly rule.

What would the final score be if a team is down by one and has a player hit a ground rule double in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded?

THE SCORE WOULD BE A TIE! Two runs would score on the play and the batter's team would win by one run.

Does it matter if the batter swings or not on the dropped third strike rule?


If the batter attempts to bunt and misses and steps on home plate is he out?

No. There is no rule prohibiting the batter from stepping on home plate.

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